The Serendipitous Meaning

Serendipity: an aptitude for making desirable discoveries by accident.

so this desirable discovery was by accident.
a beautiful accident.
a pleasant, appealing, & desired accident.
one that i dreamed of since i ever even heard of that unfelt word: love.

after returning from serving an LDS mission,
my sister decided to set me up with
one of the elders she served around,
and supposedly thought he was a great catch.
did i want any kind of relationship?
not one bit.

i had just barely gotten out of a serious relationship.
a boy i had dedicated 3 years to.
why in the world would i be interested
in some fresh returned missionary
who probably only looked for someone he could marry?

no thank you.
but my conscious kept whispering
"just go & give it a shot. what have you got to lose?"

long story short..
i went.
and i loved him.
on the first date.
and instantly knew he would be my husband some day.
so there you have it..
precious, cherished, treasured serendipity.

this serendipity has me constantly smiling.

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  1. That was precious! I really like that story! It always cool to hear the stories of those who meet and find themselves wanting to spend the rest of their lives together. I am so happy for you guys. You two just make such a great couple! I'll see you in 24 days! Have fun on the Honeymoon!!!
    Love ya, Colt


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