I am thankful for the power of prayer.
No matter what...God is always
listening and wanting to help you.
It's just a matter of you having enough faith.

I never would have estimated the power of
strength, comfort, belonging, and powerof praying together with my husband.

When we pray together,
it's like the world stops.
Like all that is happening
is us.
talking to God.
and Him listening.

It is miraculous.I love it.

prayer, I don't know who I would be today.
God has helped me through
every trial and point of my life,
and will continue to do so.

Isn't that remarkable?
There are times where I am
so lost,
so confused,
and so hurt.
I just go and cry out to God
for a good long hour.
&& He understands.
What is really unfortunate is that too often
we are praying to God only when we need Him:
When life is going good,when you are financially set and currently care-free,when life couldn't be better at the moment..
we don't even recognize Him.
He has given us everything we have.
Why are we ignoring Him?


He will ALWAYS
be there for you.

No matter how many days
you go without talking to Him,
ignoring Him,
or without even thinking of Him.

Every day.
Have a prayer before meals,
before bed time,
when you wake up,
all throughout the day in your heart.

Never cease to stop praying.

After all,
He died for you.
How could you forsake Him?


  1. i really loved this post. and i have definitely seen the power of prayer these past few days. thank you for this!
    xo TJ

  2. love your cute new blog! so happy for you guys :)

  3. aww this is beautiful and sooo true.. "pray without ceasing." =) he will NEVER leave us nor forsake us! thanks so much for stopping by and praying for me and little leila as she went to surgery.. its so great to meet you =) i feel so blessed to come across so many beautiful women with passion!
    =) julie

  4. Amanda!
    Great post! I really enjoy reading the things you say. I too am grateful for the power of prayer and the thing that is so great about it is that it's available to anyone! I am sad I won't get to keep up with your blog much longer after I leave for the MTC. You know when you and trev write me you will have to keep me updated. I really enjoyed having both of you around this weekend! Thank you guys for being just wonderful and understanding people. I hope you know that I love you guys to pieces!!!
    Your Brother,


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