A Minor Struggle

Does anyone think it is hard to stop
thinking about the past?

I am definitely not a grudge holder.
I am also aware that
this past of mine defines who I am.

But..there are some things
I Just. Cannot. Let. Go.

It really isn't cool at all.

These things are not positive
or beneficial to my life whatsoever.

often thinking,
"What would have happened if I did this instead?"

If I would have just listened
to what God was trying to tell me..

If I didn't slip and fall on that right path?

If I did the simple things every day
to keep me in that desired placement..

It's a struggle.
I admit.

I guess you could say that
I am so satisfied and happy
with where I am right now,

I often wonder if certain mistakes
I should have refrained from making
would have got me here sooner.

I don't know.

Am I alone experiencing
this odd fault of mine?


  1. My dearest, sometimes I feel as if we share a brain. Often your thoughts are my own. But I believe 100% that if you had made different choices you probably wouldn't be where you are now at all. Like you said, your past molded who you are. And though you may not be proud of the past you, you have every reason to be proud of the present you and the way you are living your life to become your future you. We ALL make mistakes and that is the only way to progress in this life. Thank goodness for the atonement and repentance. Doesn't mean it's easy to let things go.

  2. Oh Amanda! You definitely are not alone but it sure does feel that sometimes. I sometimes things if I had done things diferently would I be different? Yes and I dont think I would be getting ready to go on this mission. God does have a plan for us and he knows the choices we are going to make. We are not expected to be perfect but we are expected to do our best. Whenever we do make wrong we just need to remember that's why the Lord has provided the atonement! And we just need to accept and embrace our trials, it will make us better. Amanda I really hope you are having a wonderful day! I love you!


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