Memorial Music Monday

I don't personally know anyone who has
died serving our nation.

But today I would like to thank them.

On Memorial Day,
I have always looked back
and remember the ones I have lost.

They didn't necessarily serve in the military,
but they each still served.

I am saddened that I can't go visit their graves today.
But I will definitely make up for it.

I miss my Grandma Joan.
Especially because she is my guardian angel.
I have felt her a whole lot lately.

I miss Great Grandpa Joe. 
And the optimistic attitude he always seemed to have.

I miss my bud Joey G. 
I think about that man a whole lot.
He made a huge impact on me.

I definitely miss Chad.
He was the biggest example of service.

I am still in shock over my neighbor Patrick's passing.
I actually don't even believe it still.

I also miss my old friends.
Who died doing what they love 48 hours ago.
I am definitely kicking myself for not having
some sort of contact with them recently.

My song for today is
Boats & Birds.
By: Gregory & The Hawk.

This song is a bit old to be honest.
But I remember in high school,
we lost dear friends in separate accidents.

At our spirit assembly,
two amazing girls 
decided to sing this song
and dedicate it to those who passed
and any of those who are mourning.

It is really significant to me.

I love it. 
And I hope you do too.

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