Thankful Thursday.

Change is inevitable.

I hate it
but I am also thankful for it.

I have never had a job that I loved.
Until my Sophomore year at USU.

I worked at State Farm for roughly 10 months.
and I enjoyed every minute of it.

My boss was Tyson Luthi.
The most down to earth,
and reliable person.
He was super laid back,
but meant business at the same time.

I learned a plethora of things
from beginning to end.

Even outside of the insurance world.

I learned: 
goal setting and making,
and allll about commission pay.

It's true when he told me I wouldn't
find a cooler boss than him.

And I totally cried about leaving my job.

I know God has this plan for me
that will work out in the end.

I am seriously soooo sad about this.
I could have stayed at State Farm forever
and been completely fine with that.

He bought me Costa Vida,
a fabulous gift basket filled with yummy 
bath and body works products,
and allowed me to gain a humble heart.

But I am so grateful for the opportunity,
the lessons I have learned,
the perseverance,
and this change that is taken place.

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