unimportant facts

slash....thankful thursday

i don't normally participate in the popular artists that
teenage girl's are booming over.
but i must say that one direction is tugging at my heart strings.
i like them.
i think they are all rather charming.

lucas slash chad michael murray gets to me.
his smile gives me the jitters.
and then mr. schroeder comes home
and i love him ten times more.
i thank attractive celebrities for allowing me to
love my husband even more.

have you heard of haugen creative?
i spent hours watching their vimeo channel.
and i couldn't help but write a personal note to miss hailey herself.
a thank you letter for inspiration.
i am obsessed.
the one thing i want in life is an
adorable video of mr. schroeder and i
bluntly expressing our love for the world to see.
i even had a dream that haugen creative approached me
stating i had won a package of their's worth $1,000.
i was rather raged when i woke up.

i miss my mom.
and my best friend.

mr. schroeder tickled me so bad my tummy hurts today.
it hurts to laugh, it hurts to bend over to pick something up,
but it makes me smile each time.

ahhh...what i would do for that boy.

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  1. Ha ha. I loved your comment about attractive celebrities letting you love your hubby more. It sounds strange, but I totally know what you mean...

    I started watching One Tree Hill recently--I'm only on season two, so right now I'm liking Nathan more than Lucas though. :)

    Hope you are having lots of fun at the beach!


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