y'all come back now

i love texas.

i just got back from a wonderful
shopping vacation with my sister's and my mama.
it couldn't have been more fun.

if any of you personally know my family,
you will know that we are all just a bunch of inappropriate dorks.
most of us.

we will do absolutely ridiculous things
to either see how people will react,
or to make ourselves laugh uncontrollably.

my mother gave us all stones that she has been 
saving for nearly 12 years.
we had the opportunity
to set them into a ring while we were there.
mine is currently at the jewelers.
but i suppose you could say i take after my mother
for a jewelry addiction.
hereditary? i think it is.

here are some pictures from our delightful vacation.

 we hid inside of the quilts.

 i'm pretty sure the majority of our family
is dangerously obsessed with chick-fil-a.

 it's our tradition to get a crepe.
or two.

the shopping center. 
is your jaw dropping yet? 

my ultimate favorite restaurant.

and did you notice my hair was pulled up
in every. single. picture? 

I am having a crisis here.
I can't get it to grow faster for the life of me.
I have heard of prenatal vitamins working.
Any other ideas?


  1. I love that you and your mom and sisters got to have a fun little shopping trip together! And Chick-fil-a...we are obsessed too. I actually just ate it for dinner!

  2. AnonymousJune 25, 2012

    Awww how fun!! I have two sisters two, and together with our mama, we are shopaholics! And I love Chickfila too, so hard. Anddd for hair try Biotin! It has the same hair skin nail stuff as prenatals, but it's for non-preggos! My sisters and I take them, 5 a day! Totally works and it's like $3 a bottle at Walmart. Not bad at all!
    Vanessa @ He Says Newcastle

  3. Oh you are making me miss my 3 sisters and mum so bad! We had a girls weekend before my sister moved back to the US over a year ago and it was amazing! - love the number plates!

  4. I actually wouldn't have seen you in the quilt picture if I didn't know to look for you!

  5. Love it! You should go link this up with Amanda's Texas Tuesday! :)

  6. You guys are funny! Glad you had a good time.

  7. so much fun! i really think the quilt picture is my favorite of all time. the week went by way too fast! love ya.


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