dysfunctional ever after

it is my pleasure in introducing 
sammantha from: dysfunctional ever after.

you know those types of bloggers that make you laugh
so hard your tummy aches for hours afterwards?
or the kind that make you want to read read read each time they post? 
this is your girl!
she is hilarious, not afraid to speak her mind, and my newest coolest friend.

What up mama?! My name is Sammantha and I thoroughly suck at introductions.
  To get to know me a little bit better, head over to my blog Dysfunctional Ever After. 
There is even a convenient “About Me” section. I’m fancy, huh? 
Oh yeah, I guess that’s a piece for my introduction: I blog.
And I have a hairless dog, we call him the Hairless Wonder.

I’ve been blogging ever since I can remember, 
but never kept a specific blog any longer than like a month. 
I have commitment issues. (But you wouldn’t know it considering I’m hitched to a guy named Ryan.) Dysfunctional Ever After is a totally different story. 
I started blogging in this baby as a lame attempt to document the 
wedding planning process for friends and family, and just fill people in on our life. 
Well, needless to say, I hated wedding planning and therefore 
there weren’t that many posts about cakes, dresses and centerpieces. 
But because my husband and I were both in school, there was a lot of talk about 
studying, finals and late nights with friends
And just general complaining about school, let’s not forget that.

Now I’m just married and boring. At least that’s what my friends say. 
You want to know what else my friends say?  “So, when are you having a baby?”  … 
and my in-laws. …and my grandma. …and my coworkers. 
It is great. And by great, I mean it sucks.
 It’s a personal question and I have no idea why it is considered
 normal to ask someone that, especially taking into account the many
 women that have issues conceiving – including me. 
But that is neither here nor there. 
And, let’s be honest, do you really want me to look you in the eyes and be like 
“MAN are we TRYING!!” No, no you don’t.

After careful thought and prayer, I’ve opted to go with this answer: 
“Whenever God decides it is right.  It’s not up to me.”
  I’ve been taught to rely on God for just about every facet of my life, 
why should pregnancy (or adoption) be any different?
 It isn’t about when I want to have a baby. 
Bringing a child (a human being) into the world is
 so much more beyond just me and my husband.

So for now, I’m trusting in God, not science. 
Not that science is bad, science is great. 
But because I’m not exactly fertile Myrtle, we are trusting in God 
as far as the whole baby-making thing goes. 
We are not trying, but we are not preventing either. 
And it is beautiful, fully putting our possible future child in the hands of God 100%.

I’m not condemning anyone that chooses to do things differently.
  I’ve done things differently, and I don’t regret a thing.
 It’s just that right now, I feel some sort of conviction to work like this – and it is beautiful.
But for the record, I really hope God decides to wait for us to conceive/have the opportunity to adopt until after I:

-        Go to Italy.
-        Graduate.
-        Get a steady career.
-        Take a week off work to just lounge with my husband.
-        Run a 5k.
-        Pay off half of our student loans.
-        Have a heck o’ savings.
-        Go to Vegas.
-        Take a vacation with my girlfriends.
(I hope He saw that.)

Anyways, that’s my two cents on it all. 
I hope I didn’t bore you all; it’s just been something on my mind lately. 
I promise I can be a lot more fun, check out my blog if you don’t believe me.

You can stalk me and my hilariousness these places:
Blog // Twitter // Facebook // Instagram @Sammanthamae

--- Special thanks to Amanda, I love you girl! 
I think you already know that, but now I’ve declared it for the world wide web, mhm! 

I don't think she could have said all the baby stuff better.
I think I agree with 110% of that. Yep!


  1. Looove this so much! I wholeheartedly agree - if God wants you to have a baby, He will do so in His perfect timing. If not, then that just means He has even greater plans for you all! Such a fun and uplifting post, heading over to check out the blog right now!
    CoverGirl + Converse

  2. Woot Woot - Thanks love, I am so happy to be on your blog!

  3. Love this and can't wait to follow!!!

  4. Haha you are so funny! I jut got hitched too and everyone asks when we're having a baby. Kind of drives me crazy. Thanks so much for your awesome post! I loved reading it.

  5. she's hilarious indeed! heading over to say hi :D


  6. I love Sammantha, she is a riot!!

  7. I love this post! I'm heading over to your blog to stalk you some more. :) Also, I agree 100% about God's timing with the kiddos. In my case He decided we should have a baby WAAAAAAAY before I thought I was ready. I guess He knows best right?


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