miss nicole

while mr. schroeder and i are having a vacation-type 
week..there have been some lovely ladies volunteer to guest post for me.

the biggest thing that stood out to me about nicole was her adorable personality.
she is from texas. i always love texans. no matter what.
meet nicole..

Hey there, all you lovely readers of We & Serendipity
It’s nice to meet ya! 
My name is Nicole and Amanda was gracious 
enough to invite me to do a guest post today :)
I started my little bloggy blog about a month and a half ago, because I have 
so many things going on and family members living all over the place, 
so I thought this would be a good way to keep in touch with them. 
I also do it because I love the idea of keeping a virtual scrapbook
 that I can look back on many years down the road. It’ll be interesting
 to see how much my life has changed and what things have stayed the same. 
Another reason is because blogging opens up so many opportunities 
to do things and meet new people,
all of which I am really excited for!
Anyway! My life has been one heck of an adventure so far, lemme tell ya! 
I was born and raised in Texas - southern Texas to be more exact. 
Like, so far south we lived at the very tip of Texas and were a 20 minute drive to Mexico. 
Which meant getting to go to Mexico for dinner. Yum!
It also meant every other weekend and all summer at the beach, 
riding 4-wheelers,  jet skiing, playing in my grandma’s grapefruit orchard, 
shootin’ BB guns, going fishing, playing with our 15 parrots, and taking family trips. :)
When I was 10, we moved to College Station where my sister went to college
 and then 5 years later when I was 15, we moved to Germany!

I lived there until I was 18, but my mom still lives and works there.
She lives in the most gorgeous, picturesque, pinch-me-this-isn’t-real, place that you’ve ever seen!
It’s beyond amazing. 

My dad is finally going to be moving there permanently this fall 
{he travels back and forth because he works here}.
I absolutely love Garmisch {we lived in another part of Germany while I was there} 
and I can’t wait to visit this Christmas!
I’ve gotten some questions about why we moved there and what was it like
 and things like that {and you may have some as well}, 
so I decided I will be posting about all of that goodness in the very, very near future 
I’d say I’m far from your average/ordinary, humdrum 20-something, college girl.
I have a boyfriend that I adore and we just celebrated our 6th year anniversary!
{I’m going to be posting about “us” soon too because it’s quite the love story :)}
I love watching/playing football and hanging with the guys. 
And I can’t get enough of kicking their butts in NFL Pro Pick’em 
{I won second place last year}! 
I can work on my own car with my dad, and get all greased up and dirty, 
just like the boys.
However, that certainly doesn’t mean I don’t like kickin’ it with the girls! 
I love getting dolled up and having a fun ladies night, 
but I’m also just as comfortable sportin’ some sweats and relaxing
 at home with a glass of wine or two, or three.
I’m super easy going and can fit in just about anywhere. 
I’m adaptable that way. :)
So come on by and stay a while. 
I’d love to share more of my whirlwind life story with you, 
the things that excite me the most, 
and I’d also love to learn more about you and make new friends!

she's cute, right?
who doesn't love southern girls?
and..the adventures she has had reaaally make me jealous.
3.2.1. go visit her. 


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  2. nicole is so cute & i love that this post introduced me to her blog because reading other texans' blogs makes me feel 100x closer to home :)

    fly far blog


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