a favor. of you.

i used to be a caller for allstate {boo!}
some call it a solicitor.
yeah, they're annoying.
i concur.

it is their job, people.

i work for state farm now.
not necessarily a solicitor,
people still yell at me when things aren't my fault.

i've got a challenge slash favor for all of you.

when you get solicitors calling you,
be. nice. to. them.

it gets old having them call 
when you're just not that interested.

but it's not their freakin fault.
it's their job.
congratulate them on even having a job!

they could be making this world a lot worse place.
i mean, come on.

nicely tell them you are not interested.
don't yell at them,
be mean,
or hang up on them.

it's just ruuuuuddeee, you guys!

that being said,
if you live in utah,
and want a stellar auto rate,
give me a holler.
i can guarantee you i'd save you some money.


  1. oh gosh i am nice to them just because i can't imagine having a job like that. i hate making calls especially to people i know won't appreciate what i have to say.
    and uh... you're in utah???!

  2. aww, sorry that you get yelled. i'm never rude to them because like you said, they're just doing their job

  3. I agree so much with all of this. It's not their fault!

  4. I was nice to the 15 people who called me asking for Dennis McMillian from American Family today... Yes. 15. Not exaggerating. It was extremely difficult to stay calm, but I did it. <3

  5. OH my goodness. I agree. I get yelled at on the phone all day long. It definitely have learned to treat others with more respect. I miss you chica. Have you guys come back to Utah yet?

  6. LOL, love the plug at the end of the post! ;) It's true though; what ever happened to the Golden Rule?!

  7. i think you have to have a job like that to understand what it's like. then you're more understanding when they call to do a 20 minute survey.......all while your dinner is burning and your kids are running rampant!

  8. You are too cute! Its true...those calling people need love too! I was a "Fundraiser/Solicitor" for my old alma mater. Let's just say a graduate from the 1930s blew me off when he found out I was born in a different country...okaaayyyy? I totally feel you darling!

    Andie's Traveling Pants

  9. Like can garuntee it? I want to see! And nice to the sad little check out people to...they have to do what the machine says. THey didn't design the machine, they just operate it. Love them!


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