a phobia.

i was putting some eyeshadow on today.

in my peripherals,
i see something moving.

i look down...
and there is a massive spider crawling toward me.
a hobo spider.
a big one.
google it.
i will not provide it on my blog.
because i will die.

i stared at it in complete shock and walked my way into the shower.
i called my mom.
made her come and kill it.

if nobody can come, 
i just have to sit on top of the dresser and watch it.

if i have a running vacuum in my hand,
i still can't kill it.

everyone is afraid of spiders.
but i think i have a problem.

i shriek,
i scream,
i cry,
i panic.

something is wrong with me.

it is a pretty extreme fear.

i truly think i am more scared of spiders
than a man pointing a gun at my head...

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  1. Oh man, I totally know how you feel. Spiders give me MAJOR wiggins! I think it's the way they always manage to sneak up on you and you don't realize you've been inches away from one for a while until it's too late. UGH!

  2. Once when I was little I walked into a web and one got caught in my hair, omg it was horrible. I've feared them since.

  3. You're so cute! Spiders are easy to kill! Maybe you're afraid of the thought of killing something too? I always rescue my boyfriend from spiders, he doesn't shriek but he runs... behind my back so I can kill it for him. :)


  4. that is a pretty serious phobia. But i have a tip! mix some dawn dish soap and warm water in a squirt bottle...stand a safe distance away and squirt that thing until there is a puddle around him. (you can clean up the water mess later)...he will die in under ten seconds. Idk what it is about this mix but my exterminator told me about it and it kills EVERY SINGLE BUG THERE IS. I also cannot kill creeps me out...this is helpful.

  5. i am the exact way with spiders!!! and sometimes bugs. last night i found a huge moth in my cupboard and made my roommate come and kill it...they terrify me!

  6. Sounds like you have arachnophobia. Fear of spiders. And I googled it. It bites too. And it leaves a nasty mark.

    I am the same with but with cockroaches.. oh man those things gimme the heebie jeebies.

  7. I found a hobo spider BITE on my leg the other day and Husband had to hold me back from driving myself to the ER because I was pretty sure I was going to die!

  8. Eewwww.... why did i walk into my office today to spot some new critters making themselves at home....thought of you and this post ;)

    Think I'll need to bring critter spray to work...yuck!

  9. Oh my word!! I can just imagine! You poor thing! :( I'm like that with frogs. That's my biggest fear, along with rapers. Not rappers, rapers.

  10. DUDE.

    I get you.
    Spiders make me cry. My biggest fear is sleeping peacefully, and then waking suddenly to one crawling in my mouth.( Just to give you something further to worry about.)

    Cute blog, newest follower! :)


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