i need some help

no, not really.
but kind of.

a lot of you don't understand my personality.
because all you do is read my blog.

i have a couple of relatives...
specifically a couple of aunts, maybe an uncle..
who grind my gears...bad.

things don't usually bother me that bad.
i let things roll of my shoulder pretty easily.
i'm a pro at successful comebacks.
i think i'm so funny.

i am not rude.
 i am sarcastic.
i joke around.
a lot.

but there are a select few people who 
just can't take it.
they get offended. 

so i kind of need to change.
but i also feel like that's changing the way i am.

i can't like...not say something
when someone is being a smart alec.
i have the funniest things to say...always
but my intentions are never bad.
they just come out that way most of the time.

do i change my sarcasm? my personality? 
i can't. i just can't help it. 

i wanted to give you a few screenshots of examples.
but i just can't.
because that would be mean.
ohhhh my gravy. i need help.


  1. I know exactly what you mean. I'm lucky no-one has really got offended from me but sometimes i'm super sarcastic. I think there can be a fine line between making sure your actions don't offend someone and changing yourself. Maybe just try to make sure you don't aim any sarcastic at them particularly but don't stop it all together, because it's part of who you are and you are great just the way you are!

  2. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Do not ever change who you are because someone else is pissed because you are the way you are. Don't change you... change who you hang with.

    And personally... I like your sarcasm.

    You is smaaaaaart... you is kiiiiiiiind... and you is important :)

  3. Let's have an honest moment here Amanda. You are a gem. You said "I am sarcastic." - So no, don't change who you are! Not for anyone! Because "people who mind don't matter and people who matter don't mind."

    Love you xoxox

  4. Maybe the people you are talking about actually really love you and DO think you're funny. Sarcasm is awesome but there comes a point when it can definitely come across rude. None of us are perfect and we can all improve on our personalities. Sorry that you see so much of our imperfections. We honestly think you are a pretty cool girl. Maybe some day you'll think the same of us. I sure hope so.

  5. i think there is a point where it comes across as rude instead of being funny. another thing about being funny and sarcastic is that if you dish it out, you should always be able to take it too. i wouldn't change your personality, just treat others the way you want to be treated and it will all be good in the end:)

  6. You and I both know that my opinion matters most and if you change for anyone other than yourself I will have to hurt you.


    LOVE YOU! (EXACTLY the way you are! Sarcasm and all!)

  7. Dooooonnnn'ttt goooo theeerrreeeee!!!
    Imma keep it real, just like the yearbook least the ones from my grad year

    U-R-the bestest! Don't evah change 4-no-1. k?
    K.I.T. ;)

    PS-I think I over did it, ha!

  8. Oh my, I am the same way!!! It is a terrible trait to
    Have I know, but I secretly love it, a lot. Maybe we should hang out sometime, it would be a meeting chalk full of sarcasm (they're always the best kind!)

  9. hey there, just started following your blog and i love it! found you through mrs. grow. i love your honesty, it makes you so relatable... anyways, stay true to yourself! you don't need to change who you are. but change can be a good thing too, a way to perfect ourselves! maybe this is an opportunity to grow? with love, lauren

  10. absolutely do not change ;) I am the same way as you... sometimes people just need to hear the truth! and sarcasm is funny. if you don't think it is-too bad for you :p
    Dont change.

  11. Oh how I can relate :)

    Let me know when you find the "right" answer, I've been dying to figure this one out myself!

  12. Sometimes you can help yourself, other times you can't. This post reminds me of what my Mom always says, "I always get in trouble for the things I say....but I never get any credit for the things I think of, but restrain myself from saying!"


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