let's get crafty

i don't consider myself a crafty person.
i'm not sure if i ever will.


i did make a pretty cute wreath 
for my friend larissa's wedding.

super easy. super cute. wanna learn? 

here is a tutorial on how to make it!

here is what you need. 

 hot glue gun.
styrofoam wreath ring.
(if you use 40% coupon at hobby lobby, i scored this for under $4).
 coffee filters. (i use approximately 160).
all a dollar almost always has them.
anything you want to decorate your wreath with!
i used a wooden letter decorated with paper & ribbon.

i didn't take a photo until i finished it,
so i will be using photos from mom advice.

1. grab a coffee filter and put your finger in it,
wrapping the filter all around your finger.
like a flower.
like this.

2. using your handy dandy hot glue gun,
glue all across the bottom point of the filter
and stick it a little further than halfway down the wreath.

3. create 1 row. then go onto the second row. repeat until finished.
sometimes, the paper will be longer as you go further around the wreath.
to fix this, after your wreath is finished, glue pieces together to make it all even.

4. then, i tied a ribbon to the wreath as well as decorated a wooden letter
with paper using modge podge. 


  1. wow, it's fantastic! maybe i'll try to do it :)

  2. Cute! Also, I'm loving that you have gossip girl playing in the background. I just started watching it on netflix the other day, and I am HOOKED! :)

  3. this is really cute... i'm in love with it.

  4. that's so pretty. i'd never guess from the finished product that it was made of coffee filters!!!

  5. Oh wow- that looks amazing- and so easy!! I made a wreath and it took sooooo ling- and cost me an arm and a leg :s

    I'm hosting a link up party over at my page- I'd love it if you added this post :)

  6. What a cute DIY! Loving your blog! Xo


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