i once heard...
'once you go mac,
you never go back.' 

i find that to be completely true.

my mom has been wanting an iphone 
for about five years now.
every time a new one comes out she says,
"i'm waiting until the next one comes out."

when iphone5 comes out,
she's actually gonna go for it.
i think...

i mean, 
she might as well go for the iphone 10. 
are iphones really that great? 
indeed they are. 

i have never had a problem with mine.
it is just all around wonderful. 

got a mac? 
it's pretty cool too. 

and don't even get me started on my iPad.

are you going to get the iphone 5?
i probably won't until my contract is up.
there is no way i am spending $800 for a freakin phone.
that's just silly.
i'd rather buy some homeless guy a coat.
or two dozen homeless guys.

am i the only one that thinks apple is taking over the world? 
i would be completely fine with that.

talk about cool! 

i want i want i want.


  1. I use a macbook pro but i'm not always trilled about iphones, owing to my nature that I don't care nothing about phones. But mac is good at its various function and its softwares are often AMAZING. The iLife? Best lifestyle software of all time.

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  2. i love apple products. they. are. seriously. SO. amazing. i'm soooo excited for the ipod 5 to come out. i was literally just about to post on it.

    as far as iphones go. i want one. but i don't even own a phone. haha. don't think that's happenin'.

    and yes, i do feel like apple is taking over the world. and yes, i'm totally fine with it, too.

    ♥, sarah
    the life of a redhead

  3. sounds like i need to make the change baby!!

  4. I love my apple products.. I definitely agree.. Once you try it you will never go back!

  5. my apple product are amaaaazing. our 4 iPods (we've had a lot), our iPad, our MAC, they're all too die for, people need apple!


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