my marital philosophy

one of my friends called me up crying yesterday
because her and her husband were fighting.
over something stupid.
something that doesn't matter.

this had been the second time this week.
i appreciate her calling me, venting, and i will be a listening ear always.

i thought of something that couldn't be more true in my life and many others.

i don't have any issues with my marriage.
plenty of women do.

i whole-heartedly believe that
if you aren't living in an abusive relationship,
if you aren't having extreme struggles like some,
but are experiencing little stupid meaningless fights,
and trying to find your happiness with that person again...

here is what i say:

some will completely deny this truth.
but i think that's the selfishness in you
denying that you can be selfish.

also, it is in your every day relationships, too.
this definitely doesn't solely apply to married's.

i have been striving for complete selflessness.
and i didn't think i had a selfish bone in my body until i got married
and had to adjust.

and really,
it's just one of those things..


  1. So good, so true. Selfishness can not be an option.

  2. I agree, and when you each put the other first everyone's needs are met and you don't HAVE to be selfish by just worrying about yourself. :-)

  3. Words of wisdom right there woman! You phrase things so well! Marriage is all about give and take but it's definitely the most fun when you are both trying to give more!

  4. oh yes, it's totally just one of those things you need to adjust to. my guy and I love to playfully bicker- but when it's legit bickering... yep, someone is usually being selfish!

  5. I totally agree. I've always felt that if you are doing everything for your man, giving him all your love and having his back 24/7 and he's doing the same for you, then you're both covered and no one loses out on anything. :)


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