the world is el ugly

i posted about women a few months back.
and i heard something today on a radio commercial
that got my mind racing and my head disagreeing. completely.

it went something like this...

"breast augmentation.
you know you want them.
the life you dream of can finally come true.
you know you want to look good.
your clothes will fit better.
everyone will notice you.
you will feel better all around.
listen to that voice inside your head.
you know you want them."

you freaky people.
stop it.

first of all,
i am not taking a stand against plastic surgery.
i am not against it.
and i most definitely believe there are positive outcomes from plastic surgery.

on the other hand,
don't believe getting new boobs is going to help you become a better person.
that commercial was completely wrong.
because if you are constantly caught up in this whirlwind of

"what are people thinking about me?
oh..i need bigger boobs. lips need to be a little more plump..
i think i'll get my ears pinned back..
wrinkles? ew! poke me in the face with that needle and get rid of it!
whoa. i don't like that i have dimples when i smile."
you are going nowhere.

i am not against plastic surgery.
nor am i judging anyone that has had any sort of surgery done.
i just don't believe that drastically changing your looks
is ever going to make you a better person.
in my eyes, all women are beautiful.

i wish the world didn't have to tell people
that doing certain things is going to make them more beautiful.
i feel like the world overlooks worth a lot.
and i think one of the most important things a woman can do
is to love herself.




  1. I COMPLETELY agree! It is crazy how people think that just changing something about them is going to make a huge difference. You can tell when someone is confident in their body, their whole demeanor changes and they are beautiful inside and out! God gave us our bodies for a reason. Take care of them and know that you (anyone and everyong) are amazing.

  2. i agree too! That is completely untrue what the commercial said! I"m not against it either, but I defiantly don't think you need it to feel beautiful!

  3. agreed. you always post about the best topics!

  4. I hate how much women bash their bodies and how much the media encourages us to do it! I agree with Rebecca-when a woman has confidence in her body and her appearance, her beauty is totally unparalleled.

  5. AMEN SISTAH!!!! Then we wonder why some of us have such low self-esteem


  6. Couldn't agree more. Beautifully said. Adore this post, love. If you get a sec, I'd love if you'd check out my latest outfit post and part one of my NYFW experience, including my lunch to discuss my style column and meeting the fabulous Olivia Palermo... Eeek.<3

  7. Hi :)
    New follower here, stumbled across your blog a few days ago!

    What a crazy commercial! With commercials like that it's no wonder so many women feel the need to alter themselves in attempts to feel better :s
    To each his own, but not my cup of tea!


  8. Catching up on some blog reading...this was such a lovely, lovely post!


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