where did all the talent go?

technology is advancing. 

you can't even buy a brand new cell phone anymore--
with it being new for more than a few weeks.

on the daffy side...
music seems to be losing it's touch.

the world sees talent as 
lady gaga
nicki minaj
and ke$ha.

it is bizarre.

i am tired of going to concerts and being completely shocked
by how terrible the singer or group sound live.


because their voices aren't good.
the computers make it good.

when i am fifty years old, 
i want to look back at artists like 
and michael jackson.

real talent.

don't get me wrong...
there are many talented singers right now. 
i just think most of them are overlooked.

completely off-key voices 
and ridiculous lyrics are popular right now.
i will never understand why.

lady gaga is one my least favorite people.

to me, 
i think she mocks what true talent is.

here are some videos of truly talented people. 


  1. i agree a lot of less talented people our there now. sad day. oh well.

    ♥, sarah
    the life of a redhead

  2. OH my gosh, Bon Iver and that Dia Frampton words!

  3. I love you and this blog more than Ke$ha!
    ....I do love Ke$ha.
    :) However, she sure is talentless! That's the truth! Do you like Priscilla Ahn?

  4. I totally agree with you!!! I can't stand all the techno stuff and no one sounds good live anymore. That should be a sign that they can't sing, yet the world can't get enough. So weird!

  5. You really don't want to get me going on this subject.... You really really don't... *sigh*

    My partner is a sound engineer. We're trying to start a recording studio in our apartment. I spent several years of my life making websites for a major record label. I know the music industry a little too intimately...

    With pop music... Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj and the like... It's more about image than it is about music. It's about the spectacle rather than the sound.... and the visual artist nods along, but the the musician in me recoils in horror.

    There are good, talented musicians out there... Some of them you know about, more of them the world probably doesn't.... and even then, a lot of them don't sound as good as they probably could sound because of the way things are done these days in the recording biz...


  6. I love Bon Iver!

    Xo Jill

  7. i love dia frampton! she is awesome- and COMPLETELY underrated- her album is great. but yeah i totally agree. it bugs me. whenever i go onto iTunes i wanna throw up at the top songs. (t swift being the only exception- too obsessed with her songs. haha)


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