a second look

i had a brief experience yesterday 
that allowed me to see a plethora of things...
in a completely different light.
a woman i love opened up to me 
the way she never did with anyone else.
funny thing is...
i had no idea what she was going through.
i recently posted about judgment. 
and we hear these absolutely terrible things that people have done...
but do we take a step back and think, 
"now wait a second...
what have they been through to make them become this?" 
it's silly, really....
we look at a young pregnant teen, 
and do some of you think, 
"she's a wreck. and only 14. sucks for her." 
you don't know her story...
i want to share a few quotes. 
or a lot of quotes to be precise.
fact of the matter is...
i hate judgment.
it is unnecessary and rude.
pretty pretty please take a second look each time you jump to conclusions 
about a particular person.

and what if you are the one on the other side of this?
here are two quotes that come to mind....

after all...
you could look at someone and think, 
"man. there life is PERFECT. 
they have everything they could ever want..."
think twice.
because everyone truly is fighting a battle.


  1. I love this post. Something we all could be reminded with on the daily. I love the first quote you shared! Thanks for sharing this today.

  2. I love love love this!
    I volunteered to teach relief society in a few weeks and my lesson is on Kindness. These are perfect!!

    Thanks for a heartfelt and lovely post (..especially one that helps me with my lesson!)

  3. I love the 'you know my name, not what I've been through.' I'll admit that sometimes a judgement will come to mind about some people and I am ashamed right away because who am I to judge. This is a great reminder of that.

  4. yes i totally agree with this. love the quotes. thanks for sharing
    i also wrote a post very similar to this awhile ago:

  5. I have a close girlfriend who was married at 19 and pregnant at 21 but looked incredibly young. She used to tell me how she hated going out in public while pregnant without her husband because of all the dirty looks people gave her and how she wanted to yell at the top of her lungs "I'm NOT a pregnant teen and I'm married!!" I felt bad for her. What right did anyone have to judge her? None. None of us have any right to judge others...

  6. Oh how I love this post. But it's true. I judge without thinking and I know I am judged my others. I try just as many do not to but sometimes it's hard.

    Thanks for the wonderful post,
    Cody @Solemn Sound

  7. I could not agree with this more. My friend always says, "treat everyone as if they are going through the hardest trial of their lives."

  8. You are absolutely right. I tend to err on the side of thinking other's have perfect lives, they're so lucky, etc. Recently I've been thinking more in terms of the fact that they probably have poopy days just like I do and they could use a little love and sunshine. It definitely has been an eye opener.

  9. Just found your blog and I love it lots. And this post is wonderful! It's so hard to know what other people are going through and so easy to judge by appearances. I think you said a lot here that we all need to remember. :-)

    New(est) follower!

    Stef @ Miss Jo and Co.

  10. If we all could live by these words....lovely!! :) thanks for following, looking forward to following you!

  11. Lovely words, so worth living by...thanks for following, adding you! :)

  12. So important to remember. It's always worth the reminder.

    I'm a new follower of your blog and loving it!


  13. That is absolutely right...we never know what people are going through. So glad you wrote this and so glad I read it today!!


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