i was talking to a friend of mine last night..
and he said some words that shocked me.
i asked him to tell me about war.
and this is what he said: 

My wife is back in the Utah going to school right now 
while I am deployed.
I don't know how to tell you about war. 
It's exciting but scary all at the same time. 
I will tell you how last night went and maybe it will give you an idea.
At like 2000 (8 pm) we got called in and another base 
near us had taken indirect fire from a 107mm rocket.
 We were called to go find the site where they launched it from, 
kill the guy that did it, find and seize the weapon, 
and gather any other intelligence that we could.
We left the base and started driving on the main road.
 We pulled off and started down a dirt road through another town.
 As we went to cross a bridge, someone started shooting at the front truck.
 The returned fire and kept pushing on toward the objective.
 We kept seeing people watching us in the middle of the night
 which is weird here, because nobody here can see at night since there is no street lights or anything like that. 
We kept going down the road when suddenly a roadside bomb went off right outside the truck.
 Luckily no one was injured and the truck was able to keep going.
 We kept pushing on since we couldn't see the guy who set it off.
 Not much further down the road, we pulled off the road and put our trucks
 in a defensive position and posted up for the mission. 
The assault group moved to the site and was able to 
detain a few suspected terrorists. 
We never found the weapon, but we found some 
other stuff that may help us catch the guy.
 At about 5 in the morning, we left that area 
to take the prisoners somewhere to be questioned and vetted. 
When we were at that base, someone shot at us with more rockets.
 (Said rockets are big and loud and cause a lot of damage). 
Then we went home finally after about 36 hours on the mission.
It can be scary when you are getting shot at and blown up, 
but it has an adrenaline rush with it you can't get anywhere else. 
No matter what you do. 
It sucks because a lot of the time you are doing a 
whole slew of other dumb stuff that sucks to do but you need to do.
 A lot of people think war is like Call of Duty or the movie Black Hawk Down, 
but it really isn't.
 Those don't even come close to how you feel and 
react when you see someone get shot or blown up.
 It isn't all smiles and sunshine and glory like on TV.

wow. wow. wow. 
i have so much respect for soldiers fighting for our country.
i have never really known anyone or got involved.
but it breaks my heart to hear what some of these young men are going through.
especially without their wives and families.
god bless our troops.
and may we pray for them too.


  1. I'm so thankful that I have never had anyone close to me go into war. I would be a nervous wreck to think about anything happening to someone I love.

    Nice post.


  2. wow wow. wow is correct!! I have a cousin-in-law who has been to Iraq a few times but this is the first time I have read a first hand account as to the fighting WOW, so much respect for them. prayers to our men and women who are much more brave than I will ever be!

  3. Thank you for sharing this!
    I've sat down with one of my best friends who manned the machine guns on top of the hum vies and went through THREE deployments in just 4 years.
    The stories he has shared with me broke my heart and i was just so thankful he came home in once piece, and mostly undamaged emotionally.
    I'm so thankful for the men and women who fight to keep this country safe, free, and moving forward.


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