what october means to me, myself, and i

i was glancing through my stats for my blog...
and the number one hit i get is 
"encouraging words for domestic violence victims." 

how. sad.

but it's absolutely something i 

1. strongly believe in fighting for.
2. hate.
3. would love to make an impact on just one person.

october is national domestic violence awareness month.
i sort of wish all of you readers knew how common violence really is.
after posting about it, i was even surprised at the comment thread.

i thought i would share some of my thoughts, experience, and advice...

1.  get out and away of the relationship.
do whatever you possibly can.

you may not understand why.
you may be scared.
you may not think this is the 'right decision' for you.
but get out.

turn the sucker in.
and stop living in fear. 
i have read far too many sad depressing unsuccessful endings...
and i would feel the most guilty for not ever warning people to 
just. get. out.
and trust me..

life will get better.

2. through counseling and therapy...
you can be back to the girl or guy you were designed to be.

3. read this book:

4. talk to someone.
me, a counselor, someone who has been there, someone you trust.

5. please know you are not alone.


  1. This is such great advice! Thank you for sharing!

  2. great advice! i knew a girl who was in an abusive relationship and apparently he threatened to hurt her family if she ever left him, so she stayed with him, despite all the domestic violence issues. he beat her pretty badly one time and she told the police everything - about the violence, the threats, and they arrested him. she and her family are safe.

    praise the Lord.

  3. Such a great and important post! More people need to share the message!


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