addressing an issue

okay people of the world..
i am going to address an issue that has bothered me 
for months and months.

freaking utahns.

why do they have to stare at each other?
it drives me absolutely insane.
for an example:
i went to the grocery store today.
people stared at me down every. single. aisle.

in the car.
at a stoplight.
the girl next to me is giving me a nasty ol' look.
i want to wave really fast and say, 

this is serious.
and completely ridiculous.
but nonetheless true in every way.

when i was living back east,
i loved going places. it was rather awesome.
people just don't give a crap
they don't care what you were dressed like,
they don't look you up and down,
and most of all,
they don't compare themselves to you.

i address this problem to mr. schroeder
and he says, 
"well duh. it's just because you're a babe." 
every. girl. gets looked at like this.
cute or not.
i swear to you. 
i do not understand nor do i think i ever will.

i read a blog post once from a girl i really like..
she mentioned, 
"this girl was drop dead gorgeous.
i was trying to find just one flaw.
ahh..her eyes are just a little bit too far apart." 

are you kidding me right now?
why don't you look at the situation like, 

"daaang. that girl is a beauty!"

utah is a competitive place.
people are always trying to impress other people.
and people are constantly comparing themselves. 

have any of you utahn's noticed this?
it drives me up the wall.
i politely smile at people whenever i see them.
and what do i get in return? 
a dirrttyyy look.

utah has a lot of fabulous things to offer.
but the young girls?
say no, young men.
just say no.
well..most of them at least :)


  1. I have definitely noticed that! It happens to me all the time. It makes me feel self conscious everywhere I go. I'm not totally innocent when it comes to that though. I think I've gotten in the habit of doing that since I moved up here a couple years ago. Thanks for pointing it out so I can quit it! :)

  2. OMG! It's like that here in Florida too! But I am a ruuuuuuuuuuuuude bitch right back! I don't keep my mouth shut! I always holler: "WTF YOU LOOKIN AT!!!" bahahahahaaaaaaaaaaa

  3. You're awesome! And I agree! I don't live in Utah but when I visit I get this weird feeling like people judge me and my AZ license plates hahahaha and all the girls have their hair done, makeup perfect, and wear the cutest things all the time. I'm sorry that I wear yoga pants when I never have done or probably will do yoga hahaha ;)

    P.S. Your Halloween pictures - hilarious!!

  4. wow, that sounds crazy! i could not stand that! people are absolutely weird sometimes.

  5. yeah i agree it is more common here in utah than any other place. thats why all the girls dress the same and do..everything the same. they are trying to one up each other. i try to stay out of it and just wear my sweat pants :) ok not all the time, but i almost purposely don't dress like everyone else for this very reason, i don't want to fall victim to the utah one upping club. haha

  6. That's really crazy. From what I understand, Utah is like the Mormon-Capital-of-the-World. You'd think everyone would be super nice and friendly and...Mormon.

  7. Thank you!! The up-downs I get from everybody on BYU's getting ridiculous.

  8. this is one of the reasons i have a really hard time living here. it has changed the way i look at myself and suddenly i care a whole lot about how i look because girls are constantly judging each other. i try not to care but when you are constantly attacked with upturned noses and dirty looks, how can you feel good about yourself when you just walk out the front door??

  9. I love this! I feel like you just took the words right from my mind.

  10. I've lived in Utah my whole life, and I'd never noticed this until lately. Recently I began attending a group, while I was there I was talking with a boy who said he hated going to church and any church affiliated things. When I asked him why, his answer shocked me, and then I began to realize how true it was. His answer was "because I feel like people are judging me for who I am, and for things I've done. They don't really see me." How true this is.

    It's incredibly sad that Mormons judge that which we have no room to judge. I think people of the LDS faith (Mormons) tend to forget or ignore that we also have faults and imperfections and that the church is not about being perfect but about becoming better, and lifting one another up. I am a Mormon, and I won't deny that there was a time in my life that I also judged, since I've learned that I don't know anyone's story but my own, and I have no room to judge. Anyway this is getting long, sorry.

  11. Personally, if you are staring at me I will assume you are OUT TO GET ME because I am totally paranoid. It's hard for me to go places anyway because I have crazy social anxiety disorder, but when I am out, I try to stay in my own little bubble to avoid panic attacks. It totally sucks because I remember when I lived in Guatemala I loved how friendly everyone was but I can't be that way.

    Also sometimes I take people smiling at me as a sign that my child is insane and that they are either thanking God it's not them (probably true) or pitying me (maybe also true). So. Those things.


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