growing up & becoming

every single day of my life, 
i think this thought. i have yet to understand. 
we are in such a hurry to grow up when we are young.
and once we are grown, we want to be kids again. 
i also would love naturally curly hair. 
and maybe a smaller foot size. 
why do we always want what we can't have? 

i came across this quote just now. 
and i think i am finally realizing that it is time to turn the page. 
one thing that kills me is my talents. 
i have played the piano and the harp for years and years. 
my mama would always get on my case about not practicing.
i was too caught up hanging out with my friends, 
and going to parties, 
& always having something to do. 
i regret that more than anything from high school. 
silly, i know. 
there is a good side to the story, though.
i've been dreaming for a little while. about where i would love my life to be.

mr. schroeder has now become my mama. 
taking the place of her saying, "umm...YOU NEED to practice." 
i love it. 
we bought a piano recently. 
and mr. schroeder fixed all of my harp strings last night.
he is a gem. 
my mama and i bought some christmas music. 
{oh and t-swift's safe & sound song!)
i woke up early yesterday and today just to practice.
i am turning over a new leaf, people. 
and i suggest you all do the same. 
if you have lacked practicing and perfecting your talents lately,.
get on that!
just because you got married and had kids, 
or some tragic life event happened, 
there is a reason God gave you these talents.
use them.
polish them.
and perfect them.
because life is way too short to waste them.


  1. Oh my goodness, I love the harp! I bet you are amazing!! Loved this post.

  2. You get like, a bazillion cool points for playing the harp. And I share your regret of not practicing the piano more in high school. I took lessons for 8 years and I was a pretty good pianist in high school...until I stopped practicing. Now I have to struggle through songs before I can play them well. It would be so much more enjoyable now if I had just practiced then! Thanks for motivating me to get back to it! :)

  3. Will you come to GA and play the harp when I get married one day?! That is so awesome! What a great talent.

    I loved this post - thank you for the encouragement : )

    Have a great day!

  4. yupp. i love each and every word. can you re teach me to play the piano? im not even joking. oh, and i want to hear you play the harp. (at my weddding? since ya know i already have my Verragio Engagement Ring all picked out haha)


  5. So glad you quoted Zayn Malik.
    And I love this post.
    You are lovely.

  6. Ooh...this is great. I took piano for 8 years and NEVER practiced. Now I can't play or hardly read music at all. :( And now we don't have a piano. But there are other skills I have that could use some polishing. Thanks for the reminder, and good luck on polishing your own skill set!

  7. I think I officially want to be you... Playing the harp is so cool... playing any instrument is cool... lets just say musical ability is NOT one of my talents

  8. i wish i practiced the piano more! i also wish i could hear you play!!


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