mary kay makeup & others..

i like mary kay cosmetics.
some of their products are great.
my aunt sells it. and i always want to buy it from her. nobody else.
so my friend "wins" this makeover.
& she gets more goodies if she invites some friends. so i went with her.
[by the way, never fall for the "YOU WON" crap from mary kay].
so i went with her. 
and the lady was super nice & kind of ridiculously pushy.
i get it. if you are a salesperson, you have got to be pushy.

it has now been three weeks since i went to this "makeover."
and this lady will not stop calling me. 
i haven't answered once.
don't you think people should take a hint? 
all 12 of your voicemails have been the same exact wording.
even the same 'jokes' and 'silly phrases.' 
i don't want to buy your products.
when you bother me daily like this..
it makes me want to go buy a product that is NOT mary kay.
i am sure there are hundreds of other companies like this, too.
all this is is a way to get more clients.
but if i ever started a company,
i seriously wouldn't push my sales down other's throats.
and maybe that's why i will never start a company...

rant over.


  1. That's why I go to department stores or order online or get cheap crap. Because that will annoy me more than ever. I will cuss someone out!

  2. I am in sales for a living, and one thing that I have learned is that you win more people over by fitting into their schedule and not being pushy. All you have to do is leave the door open and the people you are selling to will decided to go through it or not.

  3. Hahaha...this is hilarious, kind of. I HATE pushy sales people, yet I've only had jobs working in sales. Everyone is always trying to sell something. Fact of life. But since when does that mean we have to be rude/annoying/pushy about it?! Never

  4. I know what you mean. That was the only thing I hated about working in a wedding dress store. My boss was always bugging me to make phone calls to brides to get them to come back in and I'm all, "I don't want to!" I hate being bugged by salespeople, and as a salesperson, I didn't want to bother them!

  5. Ah! I love Mary Kay products, too, but I've had such awful experiences with their salespeople. I hear ya. 12 times, seriously?

    Also, they keep tricking me into thinking I'm going to get a free makeover. I always leave really disappointed...


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