re-electing nobama

since the rest of the world and their mothers
won't stop having a cow about the election results..
i decided i would share my thoughts as well.

my cousin jake made a comment that made me think twice.
or three times. 
this is what he said...

"The reason I'm not ranting and raving about this election is simple. 
Those of you that know me well actually know I'm a very religious person. 
I put my trust in God, not in man. 
I believe you get out of life what you put in to life. 
My faith is not based on a political party, but are rooted in Christian values. 
It's not my place to judge any man, regardless of their beliefs. 
As far as I can tell Obama was the president when I woke up today.
 And....he will be when I wake up tomorrow. 4 years when Obama is no longer president....... 
God will still be God, and I will still follow him. That is all...."

it does completely suck that the US re-elected a man
{i personally believe} that is quickly destroying our country.
it is going to be a rough four years.
it is probably not going to get any better.

why are we all arguing about this?
why are we ripping each other's heads off to prove a point?
where is that going to go?
what opinions are you going to change?
well they can't vote. so that is pointless.

we should embrace this.
use it as an opportunity to build our relationship with God.
strengthen our faith.
strengthen our values.
and don't forget who we truly follow.
some may believe it sucks to have such an awful president.
some love president obama..which is fine, too.
but God won't forsake us.
let us all just exercise our faith.
and more importantly..
trust in the lord. 


  1. TOUCHE. Well said my dear.


  2. I really like this, and agree 150%. God is God no matter who's in the big house, and I'm okay with that. Most of the time. As a poli-sci student I sometimes want to bash people's heads in. But God's working on that too.

  3. OHEMGEE I love this! Perfectly said!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Well Said!!!

  5. I couldn't agree more! I'm a big Romney fan, but there's nothing I can do about what America decided. We just have to rely on faith.

  6. oh my gosh I totally agree with Jake. I would love if Romney had won, but I still believe our future is as bright as our faith, if we believe that good things can come and we work hard for them, there is nothing that will stop us, not even extremely difficult world situations. We should lift each other up, not pull each other down. Thanks for liking my fb page :)

  7. Hi there! I really love your blog :) Would you like to swap buttons with me? I will put yours up right now,you can grab mine off my blog :)

  8. Saddest day of my life. Love this though. well said!

  9. What a perfect reminder!! Your cousin is wise :) Thank you for sharing!


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