giving more than the giver

did any of you have the opportunity to watch 
i watched blips. in and out of wrestle fights with mr. schroeder.
president uchtdorf said something that made me think twice. or three times.
maybe more.
every christmas, 
i am truly excited to see how excited my family and friends are. 
i love to spoil them. 
i always try and let them know that my gift came from the heart,
took a lot of thinking,
& spoil them silly. 
last night, 
uchtdorf said this: 
"sometimes people even get to the point where they can't receive a gift or,
for that matter,
even a compliment without embarrassment or feelings of indebtedness. 
they mistakenly think that the only acceptable way to respond to receiving a gift 
is by giving back something of even greater value."

it's not that i am ungrateful when i receive a gift.
but i most definitely immediately think i need to get them something as well. 
for example: we have a family friend who is the sweetest lady ever. 
she is constantly outdoing everyone else. 
she gives the nicest gifts. 
she doesn't have much.
but she gives greater.
mr. schroeder and i want to buy her an expensive photo for christmas.
i am always wanting to spoil her. why? 
because she is always spoiling everyone else. 

the quote above might mean something completely different to someone else.
but this Christmas season,
i am going to focus more on what truly matters, 
the meaningful gifts,
not the costs or size. 


  1. what tends to help me is normally make gifts. i know it sounds lame, but it just takes more effort, can be cheaper, but people love it. i love spoiling people too, i just can't help it, but i just love giving gifts, probably because im a christmas baby :)


  2. i love this post! we watched it last night too, and that is such a true of ourselves is more important than money or items! xo

  3. That's so true. When I was buying presents this year, I just bought stuff that reminded me of whoever is in my list! :)


  4. My aunt is the same way as the lady you mentioned..she doesn't have a lot of money, but she buys gifts for EVERYONE. She has such a huge heart and it's just something she enjoys. I agree with you though, it's not about the cost, it's the thought that counts. Cheap or expensive, I'm sure she'll love whatever you get her!!

  5. So I loved this talk, and today, while I was at the store (yes, up and moving!) it was going through my head as I kept saying "no, that's not good enough." or "no, that's the same thing I gave last year." I think I need to re-listen to it and get the message pounded in my head. Thanks for posting about this, AND for being so awesome!!

  6. We are doing the same thing this year. Lots of homemade, from the heart gifts. I'm excited to share them with my friends and family. I wanted this year to be about showing our love and appreciation for our family, not about who can buy the most expensive gift!


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