some facts you might not care to know about me

-i am a major snoop.
 if mr. schroeder mentions anything about 
buying me a birthday or christmas present, 
i set off to find it. 
i look on every shelf of the closet & even in the oven.
what if i found it? 
i would be disappointed in myself. and ruin the surprise.
but i can't contain my snoopiness.
it's not that i'm selfish & expect all these nice gifts. 
that is not the case whatsoever. 
but if i hear gift, i want to find it. 
i can't wait until christmas. that's way too long.

-i don't get sick of things as
quick as most people.
you know the app 'face swap?'
i use it daily.
and then laugh silently in my little office to myself. 
{while also wishing i had some company.}
this is my father and i.

his nose looks ginormous! 
it's not though. i promise.

-mall kiosks.
ya know the people that bug you every time you walk past?
they fake their accent, 
"ello' miss. i have a question. did you straighten your hair today?" 
no thanks. 
"but how do you curl your hair?" 
NO thanks.
or the other kiosks...
"have you tried our delicious drink to help you lose weight?"
"umm. no. is that a fat joke?" 
if i am interested, i will come to you.
and here is the fact about me: 
i watch the employee of the annoying kiosk..
and whatever direction they are about to walk to...
i go the other direction.
i completely go out of my way. 
oh boy.

-i recently fell into the addiction of sushi. 
it's a major prob.

-i want a tattoo.
maybe want isn't strong enough.
i like need a tattoo.
a classy one.
not one all over my face.
but seriously...
i think about it 24-7.
heaven help me.

i hate when people blame every little thing on autocorrect. 
i mean... 'yeah. some funny things happen. that's a given.' 
but do you have to try & put yourself in that situation daily? 
spare me, folks.

-i was a utah jazz fanatic. 
loved d-will & jerry sloan
more than my current boyfriend at the time.
once they left the jazz,
i have not cared too much about it.
i'll watch the games.
but i am never going to be a fool for the jazz any longer.
we did have box seats on wednesday night though.
against the magic. we won. it's because i was there i think.
it was lovely. i would def do it again.


  1. I snoop for my presents too! I have spoiled so many surprises. Now Bill just takes my stuff to his mom or locks them in the car or waits til the last minute. HAHAHAHA

  2. so we're twins. haha. jk. but kind of
    i have to snoop, i hate surprises and i hate waiting.
    i love any apps with kitties, i never downloaded the face swap.
    autocorrect problems
    and i used to be a huge fan of the jazz because of dwill, but thats over.
    i don't have cable, so i don't watch the games, but i just don't really care as much anymore.


  3. I love the face swap app! That is too funny!(:

  4. I have never heard of face swap!!! Obviously I live under a rock. But that picture is hilarious so I am off to download it right now!

  5. That picture is HILARIOUS! And OMG I love sushi, can't wait for the baby to be born so I can enjoy a huge sushi boat haha :)

  6. Sushi addiction is never a problem! Except the small problem that it can be a pricey addiction. But really, that isn't even a problem!

  7. oh d- will.. those were the days :) so fun that you guys got to go to the game.// and i want to talk about this tatoo you want! i love hearing things like this.. umm can we do lunch again!? pretty please?


  8. Regarding the tat ... Just take Nancy Reagan's advice. "JUST SAY NO!!" :)


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