a writer's struggle

you ever have one of those "ah hah" moments? 
i had one of them the other day. 
i am a writer. for a company. 
i am going to be a writer for my career when i graduate college. 
i smirked. 
i know what i am doing with my life. 
the last two years have been up and down with career choices. 
and wahoo! i finally know what suits me best. 

i found a quote from a one tree hill site. 
mr. schroeder & i are die hard fans. 
and i still can't shake the thought of it being completely over. 
it's actually devastating. 
haley james scott said a quote that is perfect.

well written.

i need to make a blog that only i can see. 
because sometimes, i want to scream for help on this blog of mine. 
i actually don't think help is the right word.
maybe just a little reassurance that everything is going to be okay. 
that everything will work out as God has planned. 

i am so blessed to have a loving husband by my side.
who makes sacrifices every day,
he never feels very good.
but he still manages to stay with the philosophy of:
"the grass is always greener on the other side."
sometimes i find it completely confusing {yet amazing}
that most of the time,
the people having the hardest times,
are the people holding the rest of us up.


  1. good post...i just have to say that i absolutely love one tree hill too! ahhh, the BEST!

  2. OTH is the best ever. So jealous your hubs watches with you! I can't get mine to watch any of my shows! haha! :)

  3. You are amazing amanda! I love reading your thoughts- I think writing suits you fabulously!

  4. I really like that quote, I've never heard of One Tree Hill (don't hate me) but it sounds quite profound! Help me figure out what I'm doing :)

  5. i wish i had your talents! and um... i miss OTH!!! <3 oh lucas!


  6. thats a good idea, the secret blog thing...i think i might do that? who knows?

  7. Very true! Love how you put your thoughts on the blog already! xoxo


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