gym talk & a winner.

i have become a gym nazi, everybody.
round of applause for good ol' me. 
i would like to express some thoughts about the gym.
maybe some tips. maybe some complaints. maybe just some facts.

number one: 
stop. holding. on. to. the. treadmill.
it does nothing.
i was walking at an incline today and held on to see my heart rate.
i instantly thought, "wow. this is so easy. i feel nothing though."
people. there is a reason jillian michaels looks the way she does.
and she says: don't touch the treadmill.

don't believe me? check out this article.
 booyah grandma!

number two: 
people grunt. while lifting. & i'm happy they're working hard.
but i am so immature.
because i look down and have to refrain from giggling so hard.
my friend paige & i call 24 hour fitness:
24 grunts @ 24 hour.
but really. i wish i wasn't alone while working out. i die each time.

number three: 
i am most definitely not the most fit strong girl that goes to the gym.
but people. stare. i want my own gym. in my house. right now.
it makes me so uncomfortable.
like..are they looking at my completely flat chest? what about my nastay hips?
really. stop it peeps.

one of the things i love about gold's gym is this thinger that comes on the screen.
"don't stare at people while they are working out.
it is uncomfortable and extremely rude." 
something to that extent.
i love the author of that lil' quote. i wanna kiss em.

number four: 
the other day, i was doing pullups & this guy walked right in front of me.
looked in the mirror. flexed. did this, to himself....

& walked off.
he really liked himself.

if only every single girl loved herself. RIGHT?
let's get with the program, girls.

okay. i should probably stop now.
cheerio. hope that weekend of yours is cooler than any other one you've had.

oh, and the winner of the $20 credit to kathryn prisbrey goes to shannah! congrats.
email me within 48 hours {}
or i will choose another winner.


  1. hahaha girl it takes everything within me to not bust out laughing when people are grunting! :)
    You're definitely not alone on that ha!
    Also, i am SO OVER people staring at me as well...i mean really JUST STOP IT! I am definitely not in shape, at all...but i'm working on it, and it makes me self conscious when people just stare ya know!? Rude, absolutely!

  2. LOL, going to the gym is hilarious at times! I think the only time I feel really self conscious is when I feel the burn while doing weights and start to emit certain sounds...ahem lol. But I think that's normal. I love looking at myself in the mirror though, it keeps me motivated for some reason. And EVERYONE needs to get that fun fact about treadmills ingrained into their heads, I see that happen waaaay too much.

    The Indie Byline

  3. hahaha so true.
    i stopped going to the gym because everyone stares at you.
    its like i can't wear my spandex in public anymore, geeze.
    i need a personal gym.
    however you forgot to mention the girl at the gym that wears more makeup to the gym than i do in everyday life that also works out with her hair down while wearing a color coordinated spanx outfit. amiright?


  4. Hahahah I seriously laughed for a little while about the nod! :) hahah I have a love hate relationship with the gym as well. But i love watching the muscle heads! it makes it so much better!!!

  5. LOL OMG!! i can totally relate!!
    I def HATE those guys who grunt and just hog the mirrors for NO REASON
    and my biggest annoyance...PPL HOLDING ONTO THE MACHINES!!!
    So yea..i feel your pain and annoyance

  6. Bahahaha....this post made my day -- partly cause every single point you've made is pretty much exactly what I think every time I go to the gym!

  7. haha you kill me. p.s. the button looks so cute on your sidebar!! :) love it

  8. Ok the best part of this is your impression of Mr. Macho at the gym! Oh my gosh! I died!! Thanks for sharing and brightening my day! :)

    Oh and kudos to you for going to the gym! :)

  9. Oh man, reading all these makes me miss having a gym membership. It's just such a different world, and sometimes you just need a good laugh, ya know?

  10. i so dislike when people grunt, but it's better than people kinda moaning during yoga class. THAT is the creepiest. haha. and i agree on the holding onto the treadmil. i've done it both ways, and i can tell the difference. work harder, better results!

  11. Love love this. I stopped going to the gym because well...I'm poor and lazy, but also because I hate when people watch me work out. HATE IT. Seriously, each piece of equipment should have its own room or something. Although that would be creepy, too.

  12. Love love this. I stopped going to the gym forever ago because well...I'm poor and lazy. But also because I hate people watching me work out. HATE IT. Ugh. Sooo...I'm with you on that one. :-)

  13. Hahaha. This is hilarious.
    I'm sorry that it's so awkward sometimes. I go to our university gym sometimes, but I get the same looks and everything. It's even more awkward since I know most of the people. So I've stopped going to that and my roommate and I have started to use Jillian's 30 Day Shred. Believe me, it's just as good!

  14. Haha I love this. Sometimes the gym is the worst but I'm glad you are going and making your experience better


  15. Every single one of these is spot on! I cannot handle the grunting...ridiculous!

  16. hubby's cousin is a HUGE and I mean LOUD HUGE, GET A ROOM grunter! It's really annoying!
    Thank goodness we've only gone to the gym once together!


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