rem•i•n•isce: indulge in enjoyable recollection of past events.
i watch wedding videos on vimeo. daily. 
they make me cry. even if i don't know the couple who is about to wed. 
it's just one of those things, i suppose.
i remember kneeling across the alter with mr. schroeder,
looking into each other's eyes, 
it is literally amazing & hard to explain the feelings i was experiencing.
i remember seeing everybody there. all of our family. it was so overwhelming to see 
everybody we cared about most, supporting us in our eternal decision. they were there for us.
i remember hugging my cousin lindsay after the sealing, she whispered in my ear,
"go write everything down. because eventually, you will forget the way you feel." 
i promised her i would. 
getting sealed to my best friend was the best decision i have ever made. 
there are certain days when i have a bit of a wake up call. 
"do i realize the absolutely amazing man i have?"
i can't really begin to explain how blessed i am. 
my heart is full. and i am so incredibly grateful for my life and my direction.
something one of my best friends told me awhile ago will always stick to me. 
"your church is centered on families. i really respect and like that." 
later on, it wasn't "my church." it was his, too. 
let me say that again. because it's really hard to grasp.
i will be with mr. schroeder forever. after death. after this life. forever.
my mind is unable to wrap completely around this eternal stuff. 
i am just so grateful for eternal families. & for eternal marriages.
congratulations if you read my rant. if you think it was a bit scattered, it's because it was.
 and i apologize. 


  1. I think we both got lucky in that " getting amazing man" department ;)


  2. Beautiful. && I watch wedding videos too! :)

  3. i'm the same way. i seriously can't watch wedding videos, i just cry.
    and i love thinking back on that day. so amazing.


  4. love this.
    and i love weddings.
    pictures and videos melt my heart.
    I am looking forward to the day when I will experience it as well.

    bailey @

  5. I love this! I enjoy reading your "ramblings" because it reminds me to be thankful that I also have an amazing man that stands next to me through thick and thin...

    PS-They are never "rants" to me!


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