the story of kevin

there is a mandatory sacrifice that is part of marriage. 
sometimes i love it & sometimes i struggle with it.
losing friends.
i've mentioned here before that i had a hard time letting some of my guy friends go
if they weren't friends with mr. schroeder, too.
most of it has been fairly simple because our lives are in different places.
one of the hardest things is letting go of friends who bring me down.
i have an old friend named kevin who was my best friend.

through my rebellious stage, kevin took the blame & got suspended for me in junior high.
we shared secrets nobody else knew about us.
later down the road, kev got into drugs & alcohol. not just socially, like every single day.
well, my name is amanda. my name starts with an a.
and so the drunk calling began...he called me every single night. drunk dialing me. 
can you say annoying?
we stopped hanging out once i went to college & once i got married, well, duh. 
he was out of my life but still decided to call me in the middle of the night...drunk.
i let it pass & tried not to let it bother me.  
but last night, at 2:30 am, he called me from two different numbers. 
& i was SO DONE with it. i was completely fed up. & so was mr. schroeder!
i mean, really, if a girl was calling trevor drunk all the time, i would be bothered too.
i sent him a text this morning asking him to just delete my number.
{once i realized just how harsh it was, i deleted it from this post :/ }
BUT..i tried asking him countless times before to just leave me alone. 
he wrote me back, saying harsh, false and extremely rude words.
supposedly i act 'too mature now that i'm married,' i was a stripper once, and i'm always drunk.
makes perfect sense, right?
the marital sacrifice i was talking about? a sacrifice so wonderful in situations like these.
why have people in your life who treat you like that anyway?
does anybody have crazy stories of ex friendboys?
it made me question my character. and why i would hang out with such people.

lesson learned. that is for certainty.


  1. Honest moment: I'd probably like you more if you were a stripper. So you should tell me that story ;)

  2. Man, he really wasn't getting it was he? It's definitely nice having a built-in excuse to clear out the damaging people. The text was a little harsh, but as you said, you've told him many times before. Enough is enough!

  3. My boyfriend and I just went through something like this recently... Long story short - His friends from High School (who i also thought i was friends with) tried to break up our relationship. They spread nasty rumors about me and said awful things about him. We recently cut them out of our lives. It was been SO hard for my boyfriend but not as hard for me. Sad to say we have never been happier without all the unnecessary drama.

    I'm happy to see we aren't the only ones with these issues. Don't question your character.

    1. I am super grateful they didn't tear you guys apart. In the long run, t's always so rewarding when you take the negative people out of your life. Thanks for stopping by! :)

  4. I hate when things like this happen. I haven't had anything exactly like this, but I have definitely had a friend that I had to let go for similar reasons. And I don't even have a boyfriend! It just got to the point that it was ridiculous. So while I know that it sucks, I definitely think that you did the right thing. And I'm sure that Mr. Schroeder is happier too!

  5. It's such a hard thing to let go of people who are bringing you down, and I commend you SO MUCH for doing what you did, girl!!!! I've definitely had friends like that, but they are no friend of mine anymore. And it's such a relief to let them go, if they are toxic, you know? Proud of you!


  6. That's hard. I know what that feels like. Not the drunk dialing--never had that happened to me before. But I had a friend that I would have done anything for and she totally manipulated and used me. Every time I tried to cut her out of my life she would talk me out of it and tell me how sorry she was. Then she would go right back to making my life miserable. Once I finally got around to letting her go for good my life was so much happier!

  7. I totally know what you mean! I have an ex friendboy that tried to get me to join him in a whole slew of awful things! We shared everything! He was my best and closest friend. I started dating Taylor and realizing that he wasn't the friend I thought he was. He said really rude things on all my Facebook posts all the time. One day, he commented on a picture calling me a fat -***. :'( it really hurt. I'm so glad he's out of my life, but sometimes it makes me sad remembering how close we used to be :/

  8. so i only had one real boyfriend in high school. it was stupid. it took me a year to realize it, and when i did i broke things off. i'm so glad that i was able to completely cut him out of my life, but sometimes i feel like some of stupid life decisions i made when i was 16 will come back and haunt me. i hope tings get better for you and i completely agree. it is so important to surround yourself by good people, i wish i just would of realized that earlier.


  9. okay, I dated this guy in high school. after a while we really weren't working so i broke it off. he spread all sorts of rumors about me. i started dating a guy in college and he started saying that he was a pedophile and that i was a skank and such. You know! all of the horrible things! well get this **i'm retarded** I got back together with this guy in college because I thought he would have grown up a little and stopped lying and such. He went on his mission and I wrote him that I was engaged and he got his whole family against me and saying stuff about me! but you know what, I am so much happier with out him in my life, and with out him on my mind.

    Sometimes, people are just rude. but just as long as we decide to be happy instead, it will never matter what they say :)

  10. The crazy ex boyfriend who ran off to the military, and three weeks after we broke up proposed to one of my (used to be) best friends over skype, and got married, though he hadn't seen her in over a year, and previously to that had only seen her a handful of times, got married a month after gettin engaged yeah... boo...

    I'm so sorry you have to deal with that :( I lost a dear friend when I got with my ex. I miss that kid these days, but life is moving on in bigger, better ways, and I think we'll run into each other years down the road and laugh about how things were for a while.

  11. Oh man, that's rough....My ex friendboy was actually my best friend. He was a groomsman in our wedding and hasnt spoke to me since. I found out he had feelings for me...Sometimes it's tough to be friends with the opposite sex.

  12. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. It's okay, I haven't been that great either. :(

    This was a interesting post, reminded me of a situation(s) where I have had to let go of negative people. It's hard at first, a struggle and want to give another chance after chance, but you just sometimes can't extend out anymore. It sucks, especially if you become close but sometimes that's life. You know when you try, stop talking and give another chance, it's just never the same as when you very first started your friendship, you know? That sucks also! Everything happens for a reason and sometimes it's for the better even though we want them in our future, it just isn't meant to be. However, allows for room for someone new or for a friendship to grow closer than what it may be now with someone already in your life.

    I know I have been browsing through some of your posts and I know I have a lot to read and catch up on. I thought I should get on this and comment you back since I seen your comment a little bit ago.

  13. I read a pin on Pinterest that says something about how we will act like the 5 people we hang around the most, so be picky!! You go girl! Life is tough sometimes, but you gotta roll with the punches.

  14. Oh friend boys. . . It's always weird seeing them/talking to them now because I let them be such a bad influence on me for so long. And now, I just feel sad when they tell me what's going on in their lives. So glad I was able to leave those friend boys when I did.

  15. Oh my gosh, I am so on the same page as you...if you could only see some of my exes! Eesh! I'd probably die if they called me...and husband would just about flip out on the guy, I assume.

  16. =( Man some people just don't get it...
    I'm proud of you for standing your ground and asking (no matter how harsh) him to back off.
    I'm not married but i've had to cut some people out of my life because they were absolutely no good for me. It's hard because i think we want to hold onto the pieces and memories of when they stood up for us, took care of us, invested in us, etc but people change over time and through situations.


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