a letter to me, 2 years ago.

dear amanda,
i know you're struggling a lot right now.
i know many things don't make sense at all.
i know you seem confused, angry, & disappointed in yourself.
i'm writing to you to tell you that things will get better.
people keep telling you that.
people keep telling you to give it time, because time is your best healer.
they are right.
soon enough, a boy worthy of your love will walk into your life.
& your life will drastically change.

if i could tell you one thing, it would be to forgive yourself.
don't carry this hate in your mind for years to come.
but rather, forgive, let go, and you will be freed.
if not, it will destroy you & your relationships.

when this perfect man comes along, don't be scared.
when your room mates say you are using him as a rebound,
don't listen to them.
remember the quote by eleanor roosevelt:
"do what you feel in your heart to be right,
for you'll be criticized anyway."

put all negativity in the closet. and lock it up for good.
put all of your trust in the lord.
& constantly continue to do good through serving those around you.

chin up.
go have fun.
don't sit in your room & cry because of the mistakes somebody else made.
the lord doesn't ever give you anything you can't handle.
the only way you're going to be thankful for this afterward,
is if you press on with faith.
trust your future self :)

i wrote this because i was goin through all my old blog stuff,

and came across a super sad heartbreaking post. 
it reminded me how awesome my life is now. & how extremely blessed i am.
i also have a best friend who is struggling with heartbreak herself, right now.
 & i hope & pray she can benefit from it. 
i wish so much i could have wrote that letter to myself, 
but then i never would have learned the valuable lesson i learned.


  1. Beautiful. :)

  2. this is so beautiful amanda.


  3. This about made me cry. It is so true that we can beat ourselves up over things in the past that when something beautiful shows up in our life we don't even see it. You're so encouraging to so may women. Thanks!

  4. i love this. thank you so much for sharing <3

  5. This is wonderful :) ps, did I really have to find from someone else that you'll be up at byui I'm January?! Shame for not letting me know yourself ;)

  6. I love this letter so much. Thanks for sharing! :)


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