beauty in talents

in hopes of finding the perfect talk or speech to justify my feelings, 
i didn't find one. i mean, it's simple. i could be the only one who feels this way.
 i talk a lot about music on this lil blog of mine.
music in literally in my blood. if i am not playing an instrument,
i'm listening to it all aspects of the day.
in the car, at work, cleaning the kitchen, showering, you name it. 
it is my life. and it is my love. that is for certainty.
now, i think we all have those days where we realize so much. 
we learn about ourselves, we feel something we've always wanted to feel. amirite? 
well either way, i experienced this one sunday. 
 i decided to play a few favorites on my parent's lovely lovely piano yesterday.
i honestly felt as though God was speaking to me through music. and it hit me. 
He speaks to us through our talents; hence why we should exercise them.

today, i feel content. i feel loved & i feel really really good. 
i wish everybody could get lost in their talents & use it for good.

my husband always notices a difference in me when i practice my talents.
he says i'm happier. & he always encourages me to practice & polish them.
i'm blessed to have that constant reminder.
otherwise, i may have lost the only talent i had left! 


  1. music seriously speaks to the soul, i never feel as moved as i do when i am listening to beautiful music.
    i love that quote by emma bombeck.
    i'm definitely still working on finding out what my talent is, but when i find it i'll be sure to use it all up!


  2. I LOVE this! I feel this exact same way about my music, and I miss having a piano always at my disposal so that I can sit down and sing whenever I want. My commute is a great time to sing, but it's just not the same. :P

  3. i love this! and i should probably start breaking out my talents...but i know what you mean about the music. i am CONSTANTLY having the music on. and yes, i sing in the shower too.


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