during our trip, we experienced a super fun zip-lining tour through the jungle!
it was a blast.
neither of us knew what to expect 
{hence the dress & sandals i'm wearing}
& were sort of unprepared with the attire, but nonetheless, it was so fun.
before we got prepared for the zipline, we got a picture with a couple of birds.
they were SO CUTE & would pose for the picture every single time.

the guys working at selvatica were hilarious! 
they were so fun to be around. 
as we left, trevor said, "those are the type of guys i hang out with. i like them. i don't wanna go." 
kinda funny. they made the tour so incredibly fun!

i even got to zipline upside down! unfortunately, we didn't catch a good photo.
at one point, i braked too soon & the guy had to come rescue me.
it was a bit embarrassing. 
so from there on out, they kept telling me, 
"don't break until you're told to. don't break until the end." 
so i didn't.
the next zipline, the fastest, and the longest, i was flying.
the guy didn't tell me to brake 
{because he was helping someone else}
& i came flying, seeing a tree as well as my life..flashing..before my eyes.
i put out my feet & the guy caught me as everyone was screaming, 
"OH MY GOSH. she's flying. she's going to hit the tree!"
yeah. i was scared. & so incredibly embarrassed.
after being asked, "are you okay?" the whole rest of the trip,
i think it made the tour that much more memorable & funny to look back on.
no cuts or bruises, just lost my breath for a few. it was funny.
but jeez. i was rather humiliated for the duration of the time.

at the end of the tour, we got to zip-line into a way sweet cave of water.
if you are going to cancun or riviera maya, i highly suggest this tour! 
it was rated number 1 on trip advisor & currently, it is number 2 for  the #1 attraction.
here's a short little video i took of trevor zip-lining into the water.

and last but not least, this lovely gem won the giveaway
for the glitter canvas!
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  1. im dying. i hate winter and utah.
    why are you teasing me like this?
    jk love you girl, but seriously im jealous.
    however i might be a little freaked out to do this.


  2. that looks like so much fun!! So jealous that y'all got to do that!

  3. your trip looked SO FUN!
    I'm glad you got to get out of the cold for a while cuz SERIOUSLY?? this is a JOKE.

    the zip line sounds awesome- glad you're okay!

  4. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO jealous!!! im glad u guys had fun :)

  5. Yayyyy!!! Also, YOUR TRIP LOOKS AMAZING. Utah is too cold. And has little to no adventure. I could use a zip line in my back yard right about now.

  6. Oh my gosh this looks like a blast! I have always wanted to zipline, it's definitely on my bucket list. I think I may have freaked out too getting so close to the tree. Heather

  7. these make me so happy for you but make me miss it so much!!! i went there in december and fell in love!

  8. I am slightly jealous I must say! I Love to travel and yet California is like pretty much the only place I have been, like a million times haha! Looked like sooooo much fun!

  9. ahh, looks like so much fun! i've always wanted to go zip-lining. glad you had such a wonderful experience :)



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