tv talk

American Idol: 
is it just me, or has american idol gone down hill? 
i am a music kind of a girl. 
i think i know when someone sounds absolutely terrible.
the singer gets done singing & my family looks at each other like this:

it's so bad. so so bad.
then the judges start commending this person like they are so talented.
i like to prefer the voice. adam levine is nice to look at
& i think there are some very talented people on there.

i have watched two episodes on netflix & love it already.
they've only been about drugs & things i don't really relate with.
but i love it. & i want to be friends with blake chesterfield henderson.
he makes me smile real big.

why is everyone freaking out that ashley went home? 
i feel bad for her story. it's sad that she got left behind.
but she can't say one sentence without mentioning her parents leaving her.
no relationship is healthy if she can't forgive & let go. that will destroy a relationship.
also, i am sorely disappointed this season. i am rooting for lindsay, 
but i just don't know what i feel anymore.

Teen Mom: 
i am ashamed to watch this show. i won't usually admit it. but i just did. ;)
i like leah. & i think her & corey should get back together.
does anyone know what i'm talking about? no? 
well, sorry for wasting a few seconds of your day then.

what kind of tv shows do you watch? 
are you over-opinionated like me lately?
& please say i'm not the only grown married woman who watches teen mom?


  1. dang it, i've never watched any of these shows before.
    however i do like watching the really bad and funny people on american idol.
    and i know what you mean by telling they are bad, i make that face too. haha


  2. I love teen mom 2. So good. Those girls have some issues. && another one I love is PLL!!

    Ohhh and I watch the Bachelor but, I hate that I watch!

  3. I "accidentally" watch teen mom on occasion.. usually if nothing else is on. I haven't been super into the bachelor this year, but just started watching a few weeks ago and I thought Dez was so cute.. then she got sent home..what do i know. haha.
    The always good make you laugh tv show is friends. thats the one show when i'm flipping through the guide and see it, without fail, I always click on it! haha
    P.s. I love your new set up. Its adorable!!!


  4. I actually like American Idol this year...not at ALL for the judges but because of the girl singers. Boys kinda stink this year...but the girls are good :) Or at least Angela Miller is. So I will watch till she's not on the show anymore :D

    and this grown married woman and mom watches Teen Mom :)

  5. I wish that Des hadn't gone home, I'll just say that. I think that they had some great, really sweet, awesome girls on that show and they've all been randomly sent home. I like the girls who are left, but I just don't feel like I'm rooting whole heartedly for any of them at this point like I would any normal season.

    I love Teen Mom, but I'm not caught up on it. I used to watch it on my Netflix, and then it started making me really grumpy and I would get angry at my husband over nothing, and I decided that I couldn't watch that show anymore because those girls were a bad influence :P

    My guilty pleasure? Desperate Housewives! Sad huh? I found it on Netflix, I was out of shows to watch, now I'm addicted and I just can't stop!

  6. I used to watch American Idol too. I totally agree with you. It really has gone down hill. I don't think I've watched it in years now.

  7. I love the voice! Adam Levine is very nice to look at hehe! I'm secretly relieved Christina will be gone this next season, I got tired of seeing her boobies all the time.

  8. Oh girlll...Teen Mom is my guilty pleasure...BUT I don't care for Leah much. Love Corey though! And I do think they should be together.

  9. i def wish i had MORE time to get caught up in a few other shows. but i do have a few...Greys Anatomy of course, scandal, and white collar. That is about it for now. I am sure that list will change...LoL

  10. woraholics! my favorite show ever! I have watched season one and two at least 6 times each! season 3 is a bit more crude...but you know....of course I still like it! I am with ya... American idol...downhill :( bachelor...i like Lindsay to! she is so cute and fun! I like Catherine to, but.yeah. tv is way to much fun!

  11. Leah is my girl! I feel like they gave up on their marriage way too soon! Her baby girls need their daddy. .....I love Teen Mom.

  12. haha I'm totally the exact same way about Teen Mom. I don't go around telling anyone I watch it but I so do. This is probably bad but I love watching it because it makes me feel so much better about my own life because it's like, "well at least I'm not pregnant/dealing with a custody battle/ex husband/etc.)

    Also American Idol, so completely agree. It's just, too much. It was too much like 4 seasons ago. ha, I think they should have stopped it after David Archuleta. Ever since then it's just gone down hill.

    By the way hi, I'm Haylee and I am in love with your blog! I just found it and I am definitely your latest follower.

  13. Yes! I love this post!! Mostly because I am a tv junkie... I should spend that time studying though.
    First off American Idol is awful! Half the time I don't even know what Nikki is saying. She just mumbles!
    I agree I want Cory and Leah back together! But Leah is so stupid! My husband can't stand that show, but I know secretly he knows everything
    that is going on LOL
    Modern Family is our show. We always look forward to our Wednesday laughs.
    Oh and don't forget Walking Dead !!


  14. leah and cory yes...i haven't watched the show since when they were together living in the trailer, but since then i know it's bad between them. i dont think they gave it a fair shot, then again it would be really hard to do with two young twins! :)
    i know what you mean about american idol, sometimes i'm like that person can NOT sing and they keep complimenting them...umm NO if they can't sing don't put them through.

  15. Completely agree with you on the Bachelor!
    I still wish Lesley was on it she was one of my favorites.
    And I lovvvve New Girl and got hooked to Gossip Girl!
    bailey @

  16. the bachelor and teen mom 2 are definitely my guilty pleasure! i'm not too disappointed with this season of the bachelor. it seems the most 'normal' if you could say that. my vote: lindsey! i feel that catherine and shawn could have a better brother-sister relationship. i agree with you on not being sad about AshLee being gone--homegirl got on my nerves with her pity story.
    i love watching the vampire diaries, i watched one episode and was hooked! what's better than a full hour dedicated to watching hot guys? definitely NOT anything like twilight though! much better! i also recently got addicted to downton abbey! british accents and class people all around!

  17. i haven't watched american idol in years. but i do love the voice!

    and i totally watch teen mom. but i am not married. i am 28 though so its not good either haha. i just can't break away from it!


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