birth control.

i probably get asked about my birth control ways..daily.
back and forth, back and forth i go about posting this.
but hey! i thought if more women need help on birth control questions,
maybe their questions can be answered today! huh? huh? 
and plus, i think the majority of my readers are women.
so why do i get asked about my birth control ways....
well, i have never taken birth control. i've been married for 13 months.
and haven't. ever. 
there are other options: 
there are iud's, the ring, and much more.
but i haven't taken any of them.

there's a blood disorder that likes to attack certain individuals in my family:
it's called factor five leiden.
basically, your chances of getting a blood clot are 5 times higher.
my aunt developed a blood clot in her brain from birth control.
& she almost died. 
my sister also developed a blood clot in her lung. & caught it quick.
not only is birth control dangerous to me, it's dangerous to everyone.
i know everything has side effects. but hormonal birth control? 
the side effects are:

increases the risk of cervical cancer & endometrial cance
it can put a damper on your sex drive.
it can make it harder for you to lose weight.
it can make you super moody.
increase in blood pressure
heart attack
weight gain
irregular cycles

i'm a natural girl. i like to go the natural route. 
i don't think birth control is evil in any way. 
i just see the risks clearer than most due to blood clots happening to loved ones.

basically, when i was getting ready to marry husband, 
my options were limited.
an iuc (IUD but non hormonal & copper)
my insurance didn't cover that. & i didn't have that money.
so i resorted birth control. wahoo! 
my mother did this for 15 years of having kids.
& planned every one of them.
i believe it works. i know it works. 
& i want to punch people when they tell me it doesn't.
um...hello. i haven't gotten pregnant yet.
you have to schedule things out.
i like to use this calculator to help me determine the days i can get pregnant.
if your periods are super irregular like me, 
start taking vitex!
 if you faithfully take them, major cramps will magically disappear, 
& you will also become more regular. 

i hear all too often 
"i hate birth control. my mood is crazy."
"birth control messes up my cycles like mad!"
"i hate the monthly cost of my birth control."
welpp. now you know. 
i don't take birth control for so many reasons.
like i said above, i don't think birth control is evil.
i support & respect women who are taking it.
because we all have our reasons.
i just get asked about it daily..and thought i would share.
if you're considering getting off birth control &/or have any questions for me,
comment below, or email me. whichever you prefer!
adios, fellow earthlings. 


  1. I have factor five leiden too! I found out right before I got married, and while it was super frustrating at first, you're right--it just pushed me in a healthier direction. thanks for posting :)

  2. Good on you for posting. I think every woman should do what's right for them, whether its a particular form of contraception or none at all.

    Personally I went on the pill at 16 because I had very irregular and painful periods with a strong family history of endometriosis and PCOS. For me, it was great - regular cycles, not overly painful periods, no bloating, no huge mood swings.... Being off it is the exact o pposite so i cant wait until i can go back on again one day! Now 2 years into trying for a baby and my fertility specialists said the best thing I could have done with our family history is to go on the pill as I would have very advanced endometriosis and PCOS by now but the pill kept it at bay!

    So I know it's worked good for me but I'm completely supportive if anyone else knowing its not good for them... I think life is hard enough without women judging other women for their choices.

  3. Shut up!! I have Factor Five too! Since the options are so, so limited and I couldn't afford an IUD when my husband and I got married, we decided to go with the mini pill (progestogen only!) for now. No babies yet! ;) Love this post though!

  4. I had an IUD put in, and I love it. I definitely would never want to take the Pill because I took it for awhile for skin issues back in high school, and it really did alter how I felt. So I'm an IUD promoter all the way! (Although I've never heard of an IUC. I'll have to check it out.)

  5. While talking about this, I do take birth control, but I had a friend that took it all throughout high school to regulate and slow down the flow (tmi?) and now she has endometriosis, yes it could also be a family related thing, but I am always so worried that if i'm on birth control too long that I won't be able to have kids. I happen to miss a day( or two) , I don't worry too much. I just tell Jake, If we're supposed to have kids right now it will happen if i'm on birth control or not. I like that you are all about natural and taking vitamins! **YOU'RE AMAZING** there said it! haha


  6. I took bc for 2 months and hated it once reading up on its risk factors. When I got off I didn't get my cycle for 60 days! I believe anybody can successfully not get pregnant without using any kind of bc. It's not healthy for anyone with or without a family history in my opinion. Good for you for not using it! :)

  7. i've never heard of vitex vitamins! thanks girl-this was super helpful!

  8. I may have some questions for you after this little one comes... ;) I always took birth control, but I am growing more skeptical of it by the day.

  9. My cousin uses an iuc...and she loves it!
    I personally have never used birth control, mostly because it terrifies me...i'm not the biggest component of medicine {for myself personally, not for others} (i grew up watching my father take 20+ pills a day for heart disease, and mental health issues)....and if something can be done naturally first i give it ago. I'm not against medicine, it is such an amazing thing and helpful to so many people, and one day i might need to take medicine daily, but that isn't today, wholly crap how did i get on this rant? anyways.
    All of that to say, i support you in no birth control, you plan ahead and do your best to make things work out...most of the time they do, and other times you have the miracle of a baby popping up! :)

  10. so im currently in a women's health class, so i know just about every form of birth control. seriously though.
    i take hormone based birth control, but it helps with my periods, they were always irregular and super heavy, i tried vitamins and nothing helped, and so its been great for me. while i know its not for everyone, it worked for me.
    and the calendar method can work, definitely but, it takes about 8 months of constant tracking to really get things down. and since im super paranoid i could never do it. however there are tons of other non-hormonal methods that can be used, and i think a lot of people don't know about, seriously there are. i just had a test on it. haha.


  11. Oh man, this is just what I needed to hear. You're right, nobody talks about birth control but they should! I have the mirena IUD and I HATE it. My mom just called me this week to tell me about all the lawsuits and now I hate my IUD even more. Thanks for the info! I'm definitely going to have to talk to my hubs about this.

  12. I am totally going to have to try that vitamin. I'm sorry that blood clots run so heavily in your family. I can totally see why you would not want to be on birth control. Thank you so much for sharing this!

  13. I wish I could be brave enough not to take a birth control! ooor, I wish they had pill for guys.. haha. but really. birth control is the pits.

  14. I was so tempted to do this a while back, but it scared my husband! :) When I was in cosmetology school, it was talked about at the lunch table A LOT for some reason. Maybe I'll try it sometime because I think it is awesome!

  15. Hi love! I am so glad you shared this today. I started birth control before I left for college. During my sophomore year, I suffered a double pulmonary embolism (double blood clot in my lung). The doctors immediately linked it to my birth control! In fact, we now know that all the women in my family have a blood disorder (Protein C). I tested negative for the factor five leiden. I am so thankful for my roommate who realized I was having breathing issues and took me to the hospital right away. It was so scary, so I completely understand what your sister was going through! I obviously can't take the pill anymore. I got fitted for a diaphragm once but just thought it was too weird after being so used to the pill. So, like you, I am also not using any form of birth control. People think I'm crazy! I just wanted to let you know that you aren't alone and I don't think that you are stupid at all.

  16. This right here is why I love blogging! I went on birth control a few months before I got married...insert crazy psycho woman here. They made me into someone that I wasn't. I felt so bad for my poor husband! So I decided to go back to the doctor and get on a lower dose hormone birth control. At the time I thought it was my only option. I've always been really irregular and had really painful cramps. When I was trying to get pregnant with our little guy it was taking us forever. The doctors think that I wasn't all that time I could have gotten away with no birth control! {and no crazy!} Thank you for the tip about Vitex! I'll have to look into it! Mr. B and I have opted for no birth control anymore! :)

  17. i love that you posted about this!! i too, never took any sort of birth control and i don't ever plan on it. and for no specific reason at all. just figure, what's the point. and our baby WAS planned. :)

  18. This intrigued me and I'm so glad you posted about this. When I got married I felt like birth control was the only option and never really looked into anything else good to know your secrets. :)

  19. I agree with this all. They are ways to prevent it with out b.c. Ps. Vitex has changed my life!

  20. So interesting! Thanks so much for sharing. I am kind of the opposite of you. I can't function without birth control (I get an injection of depo provera, not the pill). My periods are extremely painful and long (one lasted for over 2 months straight!) The combination of women's health physical therapy and the injection has helped me live a normal life again. Anyways, I am SO happy that you have found what can harm your body and have stayed far from it. :)


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