dear college students,

has anybody heard of campus book rentals? 
the site is amazing. seriously though.
do you buy your textbooks? 
because you are getting ripped off.
utah state university has this thing called, 
"textbook buyback." 
they claim to buy back your textbooks and give you some of your money back.
each time i went that route, they would tell me one of the following: 

• there is a new version of that book. so we are unable to buy that one back.
• we have 'met our quota' with that book.
• or..give you barely any money back.

it's pathetic. it made me so mad. i even viewed it as dishonest.
college students are already pretty poor. why drown their bank accounts too? 
then, i found campus book rentals.
i rented around 8 books for less than $100.
not only that, if i was taking a summer semester, books were cheaper for less time.
below are some amazing perks of renting textbooks from campus book rentals.

- save 40-90% off bookstore prices. 
-free shipping both ways.
-you can highlight in the textbooks.
-free 15 day grace period after renting.
-extremely flexible renting periods.
-they donate to operation smile with each textbook rented.
and more!

i know there are other sites out there like:
textbookrentals, chegg, ecampus, and more.
i compared the prices each time & campusbookrentals was always cheaper.
not to mention their fabulous customer service.
 i never waited longer than 1 business day to hear back from them. 

if you are unfamiliar with how renting textbooks goes,
i have provided a video below for you to watch:

i highly suggest renting your textbooks through
you will save a bunch of money. trust me on this one. 


  1. I love that site! I used them for all my textbooks this semester. I also love that they're based in Ogden 'cause I can get the free shipping and it gets to me at SUU in two days. It's fantastic!

  2. Seriously so helpful. I spent a ridiculous amount of money on books!

  3. You go/went to USU?? My husband and I are starting there in August! Thanks so much for the tip :)

  4. Holy cow this is awesome! I am totally going to tell my husband about this. I hate buying textbooks. Thanks for the tip! :)

  5. Seriously, textbooks are the worst! Last semester USU didn't buy ANY of mine back. I would definitely use rentals more if the majority of my books weren't "custom USU edition." But when I had the opportunity to use Campus Book Rentals, they were wonderful :)

  6. Awesome tip! Yeah, GSU was the same exact way. I remember starting college a few years back, thinking I'll really need my books in the long run so I may as well buy them especially with the campus's buyback system. That was a major RIP OFF! So ever since then, I rent my books from the bookstore or just buy the previous edition from amazon for a fraction of the cost but this is definitely something to look into. Will do! Especially with my course load this fall!

  7. Thank you so much for sharing this! I kept tabs on this post, and now it has come in handy for my summer classes :) You rock!


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