that one the shower.

i was kind of a shower virgin when i got married.
i mean, i would only take showers when we went camping.
or when i was visiting someone's house.
or when i shared the shower with other room mates.
but i was always a bath girl. bubble bath. followed by a non-bubble bath.
so mr. schroeder always pranks me with certain shower tricks.

when we first got married, after getting out of the shower, trevor said,

"wait, do you not wash your feet in the shower?" 
i replied " don't." 
he goes, "well you're supposed to sit on the side & wash your feet with soap. 
here. i'll wait for you." 

as i start to wash the bottom of my feet with soap, i stood up, and slipped.
he caught me. so i didn't fall. but that little booger. he was just trying to get me to slip.
really, he was trying to get me to laugh.

there's another story. it's even better. 
but first, i need to vent...about the water in my house.
i'm sure everyone has this problem.
maybe not. but, maybe.
it's probably 28 degrees when you first turn on the water.
making you absolutely freezing for about 1-2 minutes while the warm water
is still trying to help you recover from that previous freezing cold spurt.

well, mr. schroeder likes to aim the showerhead toward me. 
so that i freeze. & then laugh about it.
so i decided to get him back.
i start to turn the water on, and then go to turn the showerhead toward him.
he stood there, acting like he didn't know what i was doing, 
and then last minute, reached up, aimed the showerhead toward me,
subconsciously (& totally accidentally) shoving me out of the shower at the same time.
if you ask him about the story, he'll say i dodged it & fell, myself.
either way, i fell. out of the shower. 
i went through the shower curtain, the rod came tumbling down,
& i landed half on the toilet & half on the garbage can beside it.
butt naked.

then, we laughed. for the duration of the evening.
i had to write about it. i had to share.
because these stupid & silly little moments make me smile about my life.
& think, "my life is so so good." 
it doesn't take falling out of the shower for me to notice this, i promise.


  1. Oh dear. Haha! Thanks for giving me a laugh. The extent of my shower pranks have been pouring a big bowl full of ice water on Dustin while he was showering. He screamed so loud. Haha. Oh and have you seen this shower prank? I laughed so hard when I watched it. :)

    Shower prank

  2. haha that's hilarious! GREAT stories!

    I'm a bath girl all the way too! One day, we need a big tub so Kevin can really enjoy a bath haha

  3. Ouch!!! Funny, but ouch! Hope you have a great weekend!

  4. Hahaha.
    While I'm sure that was painful, that is so hilarious. And adorable.
    I really hope that when I get married someday, I have the type of relationship that you two do.

  5. Hahah so dang funny! Im glad youre okay. I always want to play a joke on Dan when he's showering but I always chicken out! haha

  6. Hahaha. Heres something to get back at him, when Jake is in the shower I'll get a cup of freezing cold water and go dump it on him. but only every now and then after he forgets about it!!! You two are too cute though hahaha!!! I'm glad you can laugh about that! haha

  7. Oh.My.Gosh! Amanda I'm laughing so hard! I'm right there with ya...the little funny this is what makes love so special and fun! I've got some hilarious stories just like this! Too funny! Hope you have a wonderful weekend! {And maybe you should go get those little "grippy" things you put in the bottom of the tub! haha}

  8. Oh husbands... what did they ever do for entertainment before they had wives to torture?!

  9. This made me laugh so hard!!! I'm glad you shared hehe such a funny story

  10. And where do you get all your cute little sayings? I seriously want all of them!

  11. Can the same thing happen exactly the same to two people? As I read this post I literally felt like I could have written it. Shower together, saves water BUT never be in the shower when you husband turns the water on haha!

  12. you shower naked? that's awkward...
    just kidding!
    but seriously, your stories make me laugh so hard! i literally just told my friend that I want a marriage like yours! You're too cute! Let's be friends :)

  13. ok no way, smalllllllllllll world!!! Katie Farnsworth is amazing, i love her guts!!! she's so sweet and such a lil homemaker and outstanding photographer!!! Ahhh! I miss her tons!!

  14. haha so cute:) Love it!

  15. Oh man, that's hilarious. I'm such a shower person. We didn't even have a bathtub in my family's house and I think if I were forced too take a bath, I wouldn't quite know what to do, either. :P

  16. hahahah I love this so much. Shower pranking is a treat of being married. Showers were never as fun before marriage!

  17. Hahahaha! Pranks are the best. Your relationship makes me smile :)


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