your questions - answered!

i had a great time reading people's questions. i think it's interesting the type of things people ask. some of the questions i honestly NEVER saw coming. but i will answer each & every one of them and be 110% honest, too. i think i have the same answer for a couple questions. so i wrote the two questions i was asked. 

• where do you see yourself in five years? 
fabulous question. i see us starting a family.  living the american dream. owning our home, having mr. schroeder fulfilling his dream career and having 1-2 kids. 

• have you ever second guessed your marriage?
i am assuming that means, "have i ever thought about it being a mistake?" and no. never. the second i laid eyes on mr. schroeder, i knew he was going to be mine forever. and if we are ever going through a rough time, i still know that he is my forever. and i never second guess it. 

• what was the hardest thing to adjust to when you first got married?
being 110% selfless, no doubt. your whole life, you're taught to do things that you want. i mean, to serve others, of course, but you're going to college, and you're going to start a new job, and you're going to decide where you want to live next summer, things like that....but with a husband, you have to put his thoughts into your own mind and meet in the middle a lot of the time. it was very challenging for a few months. but i think we've got the hang of it now.

• did you design your blog?
i wasn't sure if this was a question to be posted on this, but yes yes! i sure did. thanks for the compliment.

• how do you stop feeling sorry for yourself when your having a bad day or bad month or bad year?
how does your faith strengthen when you're going through a hard time?
first, sorry you're having a rough time. second, read this post. third, get out and serve others. steer your thoughts away from yourself & go get involved in something that will humble you & help others.

• when do you see yourself having kids?
when are you going to have a baby?
ah! i love kidlets. so so much. and really, any time! mr. schroeder & i have chatted about it, and it's all in the lords hands. i have never been on birth control, so going into marriage, i thought i was gonna get pregnant right away, and didn't, for other reasons. but we're handing it over to the lord at this point.

• how did you get 600 followers?
great question! i, too, wonder why people enjoy reading about my life. haha! i told myself i would never pay for advertising to get my name out there or do anything just for the number of followers. because i write for me. so to be honest, i did nothing. i was open & i was honest & according to my feedback, that's what people enjoy reading.

• what has been your favorite vacation?
bahamas. no doubt. and in case you were wondering, it will be africa, someday, when i go.

• what would you say the most shocking thing about marriage was?
being selfless. refer to question above about adjusting.

• do you ever need time alone? if so, what do you with that time?
absolutely. i think we all need alone time every once in awhile. i like to practice my musical instruments, sing, and take a huge dive into studying my scriptures.

• do you ever miss your missionary?
first, i giggled. because he is definitely not my missionary. that was three years ago. and to answer your question, no. i don't. occasionally, i do hope & pray for him that he has figured some things out. but i've never found myself missing him. i have my prince :)

• to your husband, how does he feel about you blogging?
i forgot to ask him. but he is so supportive! he is so cute. i'll walk in the bedroom & he's just reading it and reading the comments. i love the look he gets when i write something silly he did. he gets slightly embarrassed but then just laughs. love that guy.

• what would you name your first baby? Boy or girl?
i don't have a girl name i love anymore. & i have a boy name. but...i don't want to say it. because i don't want anybody to steal it. am i selfish with my future child's name? you betcha.

• you talk a lot about how much your husband helps you. what are some things you have helped him overcome? learn?
that's a really good question. i feel like a couple of the things i have done to help him are to 1. just be there. i know when his mom had cancer, he just needed a crying shoulder. so a couple of times, i just held him & we cried together. 2. the other thing is i strive to remember to say prayers & remember to read the scriptures. not that he doesn't! i just try to be the best possible wife i can to show him that i am trying & that i always will be trying.

• what was your first date?
i'm assuming, first date with mr. schroeder? we went to olive garden & then watched a movie afterward. we snuggled & kissed too. and also fell in love.


  1. Your first date sounds so perfect, I'm not going to lie!! And you are amazing friend, I love you!!!

  2. i love this! i've always wanted to do a Q&A but every time i've started one, i only got like one question. so it's kinda lame haha. but i loved yours! and i agree with amberly! best first date ever!

  3. this post was super cute and I love your new layout! Soooo cute


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