REPOST: serendipity, fate, god's plan, all of the above

this is the last re-post i will do for this week. i think the reason i love this one so much is because it really sums up how trevor & i met and the feelings i have for him. i don't know why, but this post is one of my most popular. i'm constantly hoping that my single friends & family members will find someone to love as much as i love mr. schroeder....if that's even possible :) 

if you don't follow life could be a dream blog by jana, get on that. recently, she's been making some posts titled, 'he wasn't the one.'  i could not help but think of my past experiences as well as how completely blessed i am to be where i am in my life. it is a miracle.

let's talk about history, shall we? mr. schroeder & i both. it amazes me. and i would really like to share it.

my sister served an LDS mission in jacksonville florida. she eventually moved into an area where she met elder schroeder (that's my husband, in case you didn't catch that). over weeks & months, they grew pretty close as friends. one day, elder schroeder was looking through my sister's itouch & saw photos of me.

TREV: "hey sister, i know her."
my SIS: "no you don't. from where?"
TREV: "i'm just kidding. i probably just made out with her once or something."
punk, right? after my sister wrote me and asked me if i knew the kid, i knew i didn't. but after seeing some pictures, i always thought he was one attractive man with sexy features. i mean, i still do, but... let's rewind real quick, to talk about mr. schroeder's dating life.

before mr. schroeder served his LDS mission:
• i dated a boy before his mission. & waited for him. was set on marrying the guy, too.
• trevor dated girl for quite some time before his mission, & she was supposedly waiting.

during mr. schroeder's mission: 
• trevor wrote girl off because he was getting distracted from the work.
• my missionary came home. we dated. & talked about marriage daily.
• a few months later, mr. schroeder received a letter from an old school crush. & wrote her.

when mr. schroeder came home: 
• he dated girl.
• i was still dating boy.

february 2011: 
• trevor just wasn't feeling it with girl. he soon felt he never wanted to get married.
• boy & i mutually broke up.  it was the hardest thing i had been through at that point.

we both happened to break up with our significant others in the same week.  mr. schroeder contacted my sister & asked if he could take me out.
long story short, i went. and i knew i loved him the second i laid eyes on him.

i felt it was too good to be true, and still feel that way about my main squeeze. gosh, he's a babe. 


  1. that's what I dont understand. How do you know from day one that you love someone when you hardly know em.

    1. It's one of those things where you feel the spirit so strong like screaming at you that this is the guy you are going to spend forever with. Hard to explain. But some people definitely know on that first date!


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