A Netflix Secret

I was on Pinterest one day when I came across something like this:

So...I had to investigate. I am a Netflix LOVER! I'm currently watching Revenge. It's pretty dang good, but I do wish there were more shows and movies. I downloaded the Hola extension with no problem, but I could NOT figure out how to change the region! I figured it out, posted it on my Facebook for my friends to enjoy as well, and I got sooo many messages asking me how to change my region. It took a lot of research for me to find exactly how, so I though I'd share here! I watch Netflix on my computer at work, and I also stream it from my computer at home. Keep in mind that in order to do this, you must have a "Streaming Only" plan, and yep, you have to go through Google Chrome. This will only take 15 minutes tops if you follow the steps exactly. Also, if you can't figure it out, please comment below & I'll do my best to answer your Q!

1. If you don't already have Google Chrome, download it. Once you have it, go to this link: 
Click on the blue "Free +" button, and press "Add." After pressing Add, you should see a little smiley face flame thinger at the top right of your toolbar. 

2. Now, we have to install another little step onto the Hola extension. Go to the Hola homepage and then click on "Start using Hola." Again, hit "Add" in the pop up box.

3. Now that we've installed Hola, click on this link & it'll bring a pop up that looks like this: 

Click Yes.

4. We're going to unblock the countries now, because we want more Netflix, right? We want UK Netflix! Click the Hola icon that's to the right of your address bar (at the top) & hit unblocker site list in the bottom left corner. To unblock a country, just click the power button at the top of that icon & it should turn green.

I haven't tried any other country besides the UK. Once you unblock a country, you can watch anything that's available streaming in that country. Awesome, right? It's super simple to switch between countries. All you have to do is click the Hola icon (at the top right of your page) and click on the country you desire. The Hola icon will be replaced with the flag of the country you chose. I was super impressed when I did this! Not only is it fairly easy, it's free too.  I haven't used it a ton, because I just figured it out, but the second I got onto Netflix, I saw a much wider range of movies that Netflix had in the UK than in the US. I DID notice that I was watching Revenge and once I switched to UK, it didn't recognize it and it just -- stopped working. There's not going to be every US show in the UK, and vice versa. However, just make sure to switch the Hello icon at the top to the country you desire and everything should run smoothly. 
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