I and Love.

Okay, I am in love.
Getting my wedding pictures back just brought back every type of emotion I had on that perfect day.
I wish there were words to explain what I feel about love.  There just isn't.  I can only compare myself to a naive giddy school-girl. Who is always extremely fervent to get home.

The Weekend.

I went and saw The Lucky One  with my beloved best friend Shelby  on Friday night.

I gotta say... it was pretty good. 
On the other hand... It was my least favorite Nicholas Sparks movie.
Speaking of Mr. Sparks, Have you ever loved something so much?
For years?
And then all the sudden... the world loves …

Thankful Thursday.

I have been a negative sucker lately. It's stupid. and I am done being cynical.
I found this quote on a website I adore, and it made me think so much.
Because instead of complaining about  these stupid little things that won't make  a difference in the long run, I need to be thankful for …


There is a story behind this picture.
The things that we choose emulate who we are, defining the environment we surround ourselves with. 
Out of all the books in the library,  this young man had chosen to open his heart and mind to the scriptures.
The great truths that he absorbs fill his heart and mind

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