21 January 2015

Healthy Brownie Balls

I always hear that after healthy eating for a few months, you'll no longer crave the sweets and the unhealthy stuff. I've quickly learned that I'm not one of those fortunate individuals. I still crave the good stuff (well, really, the bad stuff). I am constantly needing a chocolate fix. For awhile, I was upset because there was no such thing as a a healthy chocolate chip cookie. I mean like, really healthy. I strive to not eat dairy OR wheat. So when I came across these healthy brownie balls from OurPaleoLife, I almost flipped a cap. Every ingredient is healthy (well, with moderation in all things, right?) I made these when I got home from work one evening and fell in love. If you're a healthy eater (or not), you have to try these. 

1 c. raw almonds
10-11 pitted medjool dates
3 1/2 tbs. cocoa powder
4 tbs. shredded unsweetened coconut
1/2 tsp. salt
1 tsp. pure vanilla extract (or more, all depending on your liking)

1. Combine all ingredients, except the water, in a food processor. 
2. Process until the mixture looks like gravel.
3. While the processor is running, add a thin stream of water. Be sure not to add too much because the brownie balls will be too sticky. Start with 1 tsp and slowly add more until the balls stick together when you press it together. 
3. Once you have the right consistency, roll mixture into tablespoon-size balls. 
4. Store in an airtight container.

For some reason, I thought I would mess these up. But to my surprise, they were SUPER easy to make! 

31 December 2014

A Year in Review

This year started off, well, extremely rocky. And, it continued. This was a very hard year. I feel like most people are ending the new year with a 'bang' with all of the amazing things they have accomplished. Though I've accomplished some awesome things, and I even had the opportunity to go to Hawaii, there have been some trials this year that I'm not excited to re-live. I've learned a lot (especially from those awesome Pinterest quotes) that I'm actually really grateful for this year. Though it wasn't a lot of sunshine, I learned so much.

Way to ring in the new year, eh? Seriously though, this was one of the hardest things that has happened to me this year. I loved my job, a lot. They treated me very well and I loved everybody I worked with. It was a tough situation. It feels amazing to no longer be bitter. I have a new job, and I fully believe that I am supposed to be here, rather than there.

We celebrated our 2nd anniversary in  Maui (which resulted in me trying to figure out how I could move there permanently)

Mr. Schroeder and I went to Bear Lake a lot this year, especially in the summer. In March, we went up a few times, and it was so beautiful!

I dyed my hair redish purple (now, it's back to purple. I can't stop)

General Conference

Easter & also when we announced on Instagram that we aren't pregnant. 

I got covered in glitter for a fun little photoshoot. It was actually one of the funnest things ever.

The Tulip Festival - woot! This was in Lehi, Utah and so so pretty.

We bought a home! One of the coolest experiences in the world.

Bear Lake, Bear Lake, Bear Lake. We hardly ever saw our home but were always on a fun adventure!

4th of July in Idaho Falls

Did I mention that we went to Bear Lake a whole lot this summer? I think it would be safe to say that we were in Bear Lake the majority of our summer. Basically every weekend. We're super blessed to be able to go!

We started (attempting) to finish our front yard and had our adorable nephews help us!

Trevor had the opportunity to carpet the LDS temple in Los Angeles. 

We went archery hunting for the first time. We're both hooked and can't wait until next season. 

My best friends birthday! AKA the one and only Mr. Schroeder

Grandma Mary passed away. I still don't like to talk about it, but I will be happy to talk about Grandma Mary's life to anybody who asks. She's still so missed and I've cried almost every day since losing her. 

I got double foot surgery on October 22nd and it has been quite the recovery, to say the least. 

November was really busy for both Trevor & I. Our big thing was Thanksgiving. We celebrated in Bear Lake (are you surprised?). It was a ridiculously nice weekend and we loved every minute. 

The Annual Cookie Party - This is a tradition my family has carried on for years. It has been such a blast baking and decorating sugar cookies with the weirdos I call my family. 

Family Christmas Party 

Christmas - We celebrated our third Christmas together in Idaho Falls with Trevor's family. It was a magical Christmas that I will never forget.

As I have finished typing this post up, I have found myself giggling and even shaking my head in disagreement. At the very beginning of this post, I talked about how it hasn't been that great of a year, but boy it has been an amazing year. I must have had a change in perspective. We have experienced some trials this year, more than we did last year. But at the same time, it's rather remarkable to look back and see how much you have grown since that very incident. 

The year started off rocky. But I got a new job. I've met amazing people through that job, I have some incredible benefits that I didn't have at my last job, and they even pay for my schooling. Blessing in disguise, I think? 

Grandma Mary passing away was hard for everyone, but it's mostly hard to see my Grandpa's heart completely broken. 

My feet are still healing, but slowly. I had a 6 week checkup, and my doctor said I couldn't run until he approved it in May. I walked out of the doctor office bawling. This year, I've been most grateful for my body. It's insane what you don't realize you have until you lose it, especially your ability to run, climb, jump, or even walk for that matter. 

I'm extremely grateful for my life at this very  moment. I'm grateful for a forgiving, patient, and christlike husband. I'm also very thankful for my parents, especially for taking care of me during my surgery recovery. They are total gems. I kind of sound like I'm giving a grammy speech, so I will end now. I'm excited to start 2015 fresh! I have a really really good feeling about this year.

30 December 2014

Third Christmas

I have totally sucked at taking photos the last few months. I suppose I've just been too busy living in the moment and striving to absorb every minute that I haven't thought much about it. This year, Christmas was magical. We spent our 3rd Christmas together in Idaho Falls this year. We woke up to falling snow and it was beautiful. 

Utah has outlawed gambling. And, well, Mr. Schroeder and I don't do a lot of gambling anyway. But driving to Idaho gives us an excuse to go buy the scratch and win lottery tickets. They are the best. We stopped and spent $2 on one, and won $10. People, I'm telling you, it was a blast. We were kind of ecstatic over $10. Someday, we'll win the real lottery, I bet. 

On Christmas morning, we woke up and our stockings looked like this: 

I'm pretty sure we have started a new tradition for Christmas each year. If you didn't read the hilarious stocking story from our first Christmas together, click here. Aaanyways, we thought it would be super funny to carry on the tradition of 1 empty stocking and 1 full stocking. I had a backup plan - most of the things in Trevor's stocking were actually for the both of us. Lots and lots of chocolate. 

I know Christmas isn't about gifts. It never has been and never will be for us. On the other hand, we still love spoiling each other. It's just super fun to see the glimmer in Mr. Schroeder's eye when he opens something he's been wanting for awhile (that I've also been saving for!) I bought Trevor a handgun, some camo, and some other fun stuff. Trev got me a beautiful mother of pearl ring (that I've been wanting since we went to Hawaii in February). He's sly. He also got me a beautiful jewelry cabinet and bath bombs. I can't get enough of those. I also get sick when I think of the amount of money that has been spent on those.

 All in all, it was an amazing Christmas. I love the time of year. Sometimes, I think the craziness gets inside peoples heads and they are too stressed to think about Christ. But once the focus is shifted from the presents, craziness, parties, and food, to Christ, and his birth, you will feel comfort and pure gratitude! I hope all of my incredibly readers had an amazing Christmas. Though I hope you did get spoiled, I also hope you took time out of your day to teach your kids, or your spouse and yourself a little more about Christ.

16 December 2014

Sunday Saint Monday Ain't

My whole life, up until now, I have had something really bother me. As many of you know, I've grown up in a state where the majority of people are Latter-Day-Saints (Mormons). The thing that would really bother me is when people preached one thing and did another. Most of us call them "Sunday Mormons."  It happened far too often. I'll always remember a specific instance with a specific boy. His name was Chris. I went to a high school party. Chris was completely drunk and would not leave me alone about having sex with him. Of course, I said no, and went on my way. The next day, at my best friends farewell, I saw Chris. Blessing the sacrament. Now, for you individuals that aren't super familiar with the church, blessing the sacrament is something that worthy priesthood holders should be doing. Drinking and partying aren't something that worthy priesthood holders are advised to do. I instantly became bothered. I was upset because I couldn't get over the fact that Chris would act one way and the very next day, act a completely different way. I'll always remember my mom talking to me afterward about it. She gave me the talk about how it's not about him - it's about me. I need to focus on myself, not others, and work on how I am going to better myself. That helped. But I still thought it was ridiculous. Why couldn't people just be who they are and not be so hypocritical about it? 

For the first time in my life, I have had a completely different perspective. Now, let me first say that I do not think this type of behavior is acceptable and I am also not justifying it. But recently, in my congregation, I felt like a sinner. And yes, I am a sinner! Aren't we all? I messed up. I made a silly mistake. I failed at being an example of a disciple of Jesus Christ during a period of time, I'm sure there were people pointing fingers at me as a "Sunday Mormon." The fact of the matter is, there are hypocrites everywhere, in every congregation, and in every religion. In every church, there are liars, criminals, and crooks. I've made so many mistakes; however, for the first time in that sacrament meeting, I felt like the crook. I felt like the hypocrite. I was also kicking myself for judging Chris in high school, and many other people. Because it is not our place.

Nobody knows what I had going on in my life at that place and time. The important part is that I am trying. I am working hard at becoming the person I want to be. And I am gaining a closer relationship with Heavenly Father. We all stumble and we all fall. So next time I think of the phrase "Sunday Sain't, Monday Ain't" or even think to call someone a "Sunday Mormon," I will stop myself and realize that there is always two sides to one story.