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My name is Amanda and I am the writer behind this blog. My husbands name is Trevor, but I like to call him Mr. Schroeder. I like dates. I think they are exciting. And while I'm not the "OMG, we have to go to dinner on our 3rd kissiversary!" type... I definitely love documenting and looking back at the fun times I had with Mr. Schroeder, and their dates. So, here's where it all started...

March 20th, 2011
I was a heartbroken sucker after breaking up with my boyfriend of 4 years. I didn't want to date a stupid boy ever again, nor did I even want to talk to one. My sister called me up and asked me if I wanted to go out with an Elder she had served near during her LDS mission in Florida. I was super hesitant and said no a few times before she finally talked me into it. So...that sly Mr. Schroeder got my number and, well, I went out with him.

March 25th, 2011 
We had our first date on March 25th. By this point, we had been texting every single day. I liked him, even though I hadn't even met him. But he possessed every trait that I wanted and needed in a husband. I've never become so giddy over somebody after seeing their name appear on my phone. I was smitten by him, even before meeting. Mr. Schroeder picked me up at my apartment in Logan while I was going to school at Utah State. He took me to Olive Garden. On the way into Olive Garden, I specifically remember complimenting his dreamy hazel eye balls. "My eye balls?!! He exclaimed, surprised. I kept glancing at him across the table and then looking away. I made him laugh. And he made me smile.

I remember his sexy jeep and his ragged shoelaces. I remember him holding his super old generation iPod with skater stickers on it. He was cute. I liked him.

We went back to my apartment and watched a movie, not sure which one it was. I was too consumed with his cuddles and the way he kept kissing my forehead. Holy crap. Then we kissed. ON THE FIRST DATE. That was against my rules, but I did. He went home shortly after and I just remember aching for him the instant he left. For the first time, I knew I loved him.

April 1st, 2011
I love you's were exchanged. Actually, I said I love you first. And he was so so scared and said, "I feel the same way, but I can't say it yet.." HA!

From there on out..
We were inseparable, yet doing the long distance thing forever. He did summer sales and I traveled a little with my mama. While in Texas with my mom, I found my ring. The perfect ring. With a wholesale price, and kind of crazy intricate and unique. I sent Mr. Schroeder a picture of the style I liked and then tried my best to forget about the perfection of that ring.

October 3rd, 2011
Trev proposed to me on this date near an olive tree and bench at the Salt Lake Temple. It couldn't have been more perfect. When he opened the ring box, all I could think to say was, "Shut up. Shut UP!" Because I thought he was joking with me. My dream ring was in the box, and I was obsessed. (Still am, really).

At last, Mr. & Mrs. Schroeder as of February 11, 2012.

We are currently residing in Utah and have had many adventures thus far. We are members of the LDS church and we always strive to put the Lord first. We both believe in Karma, Serendipity, Fate, and love at first sight.

We enjoy prison break, the sand dunes, eating dinner comfortably, on the couch, and loving. We are working on making our marriage solid, just like everyone else. We have been through many struggles and trials already. But we take them, hit a home run, learn and grow from each burden God has given us.

This is a little blog of our lives together. The ups, the downs, the delicious food, the memories, the projects, and the lessons learned. This blog is real. It is a fairy tale. But fairy tales include trials and struggles. It is blunt. It is spoken. And it is honest. 

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