best hubb award

i am seriously so blessed.
i can be the most selfish negative little booger sometimes. and afterward, my husband just looks at me, smiles, and says, "it's okay! i just want you to be happy."
a few days before that, i was having the worst day ever. my boss was kinda rude to me, my p…

elephants, weddings and heavenly food

remember when i won tickets to the circus?
mr. schroeder and i... and mr. schroeder's rents went to the ringing brothers circus this weekend.
surprisingly, it was awesomely fun! we had like front row seats. and it was the most entertaining thing ever.
i was dying over the elephants. i am obse…

the easiest yummiest snack you'll ever eat

some call it puppy chow. some call it muddy buddies. tends to dig "puppy chow."  while chex mix makes their own muddy buddies.
what do you call it? 
either way, this recipe is absolutely ridiculously amazing. i got it from all recipes.

it's a delicious little snack. an…

ringlin bros

i have an obsession. with the radio.
i call and call and call until i win tickets. i'm actually pretty spectacular at it.
i literally sat in the ikea parking lot for  30 minutes last night trying to win some stupid movie tickets. i didn't win.

but i did win four circus tickets.  wah-peez!


sand mountain

i have been a little obsessed with the dunes since i was about six years old..roughly.
the season is almost over. gahhh.
my father mr. schroeder and i  got to go to the dunes today. 
you know those nasty ugly dogs you see  in the car next to you with lips blowing all over the place?
that is how i …


years and years ago, my mother purchased a tanzanite. they were such a great deal that she decided to go get three more. one for each of her daughters.
as some of you know, we like to go to dallas and shop! shopping til we drop {literally} wholesale clothing, jewelry & decor! it is fabulous.


an apology in advance for cruddy photos.
this weekend, mr. schroeder and i decided to be kids again.
we went to an arcade and "accidentally" won hundreds of tickets. we went mini-golfing.

the next day we went to the state fair and ate those large turkey legs. talk about disgusting. he lo…
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