ringlin bros

i have an obsession.
with the radio.

i call and call and call
until i win tickets.
i'm actually pretty spectacular at it.

i literally sat in the ikea parking lot for 
30 minutes last night trying to win some stupid movie tickets.
i didn't win.

but i did win
four circus tickets. 

i love elephants.
i want a pet elephant.

i cry at clowns.
i shriek.
my heart drops to my stomach 
and i am shaking with fear.

so we will see how the circus goes this year.
i have a pretty strong husband 
who can save me if a clown starts attacking.

what would be really scary 
is a clown on bath salts!! 

We ended up going to the circle with my in-laws
& had the best time! I love them. 

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