50 stocking stuffer ideas

sometimes, i think this sharing money thing is silly.
clearly, my husband is the bread winner. 
and we have a joint bank account.
i go buy him presents..because i don't make enough.
with his money.
so technically, he is paying for his own gifts.
he always says, 
"my money is your money. 
and your money is your money." 
he learned right.
kidding. kind of.

1. batteries
2. soap
3. undies
4. socks
5. window wipes for car
6. junk food items (beef jerky, pretzels, etc)
7. pocket knife
8. beanie
9. ornament
10. gloves
11. key chain
12. phone case
13. money clip
14. wallet
15. a cheesy movie from the clearance bin
16. personalized goodies
17. mug
18. deck of cards or other card games
19. cd's/dvd's
20. candy
21. key covers
22. ear buds
23. crossword book 
24. cufflinks -- if your guy wears them, there are some way nice ones on etsy.
25. bath or shave products. 
27. tools 
28. cologne
29. a book or magazine
30. gift cards--7/11 for drinks, favorite restaurants, etc.
31. gum/mints
32. chapstick
33. hand or boot warmers
34. hand cream (my husband will definitely be needing this)
35. car seat covers
36. car air fresheners/accessories
37. massage oil
38. patches, stickers, or pins of favorite sports team, band, etc
39. ties
40. nail clippers/tweezers (my husband always steals mine!)
41. razors and other shaving accessories
42. boots or weathering spray
43. sharpies (for his work?)
44. riding gear
45. electronics--itouch, iphone, etc
46. fishing tackle, hooks, lines
47. duct tape
48. tape measurer
49. tire gauge
50. bag of coal (black licorice in a bag)

do you have any good stocking stuffer ideas i forgot?


  1. PERFECT! I know exactly what to stuff in his stocking! Thanks for this babe!!!

  2. Love this list! I would throw in some school supplies for my husband's last excited!

    I feel the same about "our money"...I always feel so weird spending stuff I haven't made! Especially on him.

  3. You forgot Legos!! I can't think of a single dude who doesn't secretly wish he could play with legos again. And surely if he doesn't want to keep his finished lego masterpiece around the house, there's bound to be a nephew or neighbor kid who would love a surprise lego set.

  4. Thievery of nail clippers is a payback for all the times you stole mine. hahaha

  5. This is great!! I am totally saving this list! i am always at a loss with the hubby and stocking stuffer ideas :)

  6. Squeezy cheese. The Mr LOVES that stuff. Duct tape. Box of Band-Aids (that might be just my guy though... I swear he's always bleeding.) On the go hot cocoa cup. Audio cord for his iPod/MP3 player (for his car).

    Those are just a few of the things I thought of getting him this year.


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