love stories

if you know me very well,
you will know that i love love. 
i love the way a couple in love looks at each other.
9 months later, i still look at my wedding pictures daily. 
i watch wedding videos all the time. 
it's the spark in relationships. 
it is beautiful.
and in my eyes, it is miraculous.
what i love even more is love stories.
i adore asking people how they met their spouse.
i think the reason why i love it so much is because 
i love serendipity. 
well, duh.
god puts two people together, 
and most of the time,
it is in a mysterious way. 
a serendipitous way.
it is so much more than fate. 
i think webster's dictionary fails to define love on a real level.
it is impossible to portray such strong feelings.
to me, it is proof of gods plan for us and little tiny miracles along the way.

how did you meet your significant other? 
if you are still seeking that special someone,
how did your parents meet?
or your sibling meet their love? 
even a friend, or a sappy love story you read online?
i am eager to read all of your stories.

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