love stories

if you know me very well,
you will know that i love love. 
i love the way a couple in love looks at each other.
9 months later, i still look at my wedding pictures daily. 
i watch wedding videos all the time. 
it's the spark in relationships. 
it is beautiful.
and in my eyes, it is miraculous.
what i love even more is love stories.
i adore asking people how they met their spouse.
i think the reason why i love it so much is because 
i love serendipity. 
well, duh.
god puts two people together, 
and most of the time,
it is in a mysterious way. 
a serendipitous way.
it is so much more than fate. 
i think webster's dictionary fails to define love on a real level.
it is impossible to portray such strong feelings.
to me, it is proof of gods plan for us and little tiny miracles along the way.

how did you meet your significant other? 
if you are still seeking that special someone,
how did your parents meet?
or your sibling meet their love? 
even a friend, or a sappy love story you read online?
i am eager to read all of your stories.


  1. I am a Sydney city girl so at 19years of age when I had to front the cold weather I hate, to return to my place of birth {NZ} after my brother was diagnosed with Leukemia, I had that fateful feeling that I was destined to met my Eternal companion in the country I did not Love. Long story short, a month after I arrived we started dating, four months later my brother went into remission, I was free to return home, and he followed! we were married a year later. we are going on six and a half years, and three kids later, and our love grows stronger every single day!

  2. I love your posts for real.
    I was previously married and was getting a divorce- moved back into my mom's house. I literally met spencer 3 weeks to the date that I moved home. Not even kidding.. love at first sight. 11 months later we got engaged, and 5 months later we were married. YAY for love!

  3. Girl, me too! I'm such a romantic! I haven't posted our story yet but I've got our engagement story up, and that's a glimpse into our love story :)

  4. i often times try to think about our "love story" but i feel like ours wasn't a huge ordeal so i never wrote about it. i think its funny to look back.

    my husband and i met one night we were at sammy's a local place and were with a group of friends. My one friend kept that we went with was like "oh my friends coming is that ok?" we were like "we don't care, its ok." so we are in this place with our friends and one of them is deaf. since it was so loud he can only talk to one person at a time so i was stuck talking with my friend and then "his friend" that finally showed up. we were going to a movie after and my friend didn't have room in his car so we had to go with "his friend." we went to the movie and road back with "his friend." he dropped us off and i remember being like "he was cute, but i probably won't ever see him again (the friend)" and then two days later he asked me on a date. sorry was that confusing, do you even care? lol


  5. scotty and i met in a parking lot... we chatted for a minute and then he jumped on the back of a moving car and rode away, mid sentence. he definitely knew how to make a lasting first impression!

  6. I love love stories, too! :) I think it's a girl thing, although some of us appreciate a good tear-jerker more than others. My husband and I met at Ruby Tuesday. :) I was a hostess and he was a server. Eventually, we served together. It wasn't love at first sight, we started out as friends. He fell for me first, and spent months trying to woo me. We became best friends, and fell in love. Dated for two weeks, were engaged for 6 months, and now we've married for a little over a year. :)

  7. okay.. girl! this is why we are friendsies. because im obsessed with love stories- since mine is still in the making hahah... i will share with you my parents. they are both from cali.. after my dads mission he played baseball at dixie in st george and my mom was a freshman there. at the begining of the school year he and his buddies were going around to all of the freshman girl dorms to check out all the girls & were pretending to be their home teachers.. so they met and the rest is history :)


  8. I LOVE this post! considering im only 17 and have only smooched one boy, I'll just tell you, My parents met meet at Ricks college in january (which is now BYU-i) were engaged in april and married in june! when their little relationship was only a mere 6 months old. nuts huh? my sister meet her hubby in a singles ward, and my brother and his wife were high school sweethearts! I surely love love a lot to! (:

  9. Ok, so I've been poking around your blog and you are a total cutie! It's so cute to see how in love you are and how witty you are! (Sorry, I'm sort of a blog-stalker!)
    My husband and I met when we were really little, he is about 5 1/2 years older than me, but our parents were really good friends. In fact, his mom was my mom's visiting teacher. His family lived in our area for about 7 years then moved to Pennsylvania when I was 8 and he was 13. Fast Forward about 6 years and he came to visit our area before he left on his mission. I had no idea who this strange kid was standing at our door wanting to talk to my dad at 14 years old. He left and we didn't hear from him again. Now another 4 years later, our mothers reconnect over Facebook and catch up, my hubby is now living in Colorado with his uncle and he notices my mom posting on his mom's Facebook and that she has pictures of me wrestling in high school, he adds me, he sends me is number ever so slyly and we talked every day since then until he finally moved out back out to Washington that following September and we were married the next June...he is the love of my life and I like to believe it was meant to be all along!


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