oh didn't you know? i am a celebrity now.

mr. schroeder had a job in idaho falls this weekend.
i didn't go with him because i had to participate in good things utah.
i am not a TV person.
and i am definitely not a model.
but i am a firm believer that the camera adds 10 pounds.

that was embarrassing.
but also extremely fun!
i had a blast with my lovely friend 
who is actually a legit model who knows what she is doing.

  i was so sad when mr. schroeder left. 
i literally cried.

luckily i have family that lives around me.
because i seriously just don't do good alone.
it's time.
i have too much time to think when i'm alone.
and then my thoughts wander to the rough things going on in my life.
and then i start to feel sorry for myself.
it's pathetic, really.

so what did i do to consume my world? 
lots of them.
and i got a lot done.
i'm excited to share some of my latest projects.
i love them.

 sorry for a crooked photo! 

i turned these frames...

into a wall collage!

every time i walk past my wall.
i marvel at mr. schroeder and i. 
and our cute pictures. 
can you tell that i love teal? 
yeah, i'm a little obsessive over that color. 

how was your weekend, lovelies?
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