do you know dan richardson? no. do you know megan larsen? no. what about yu chang? i like his name. yu chang. that would be neat.

night times are the best times. 
i get to see mr. schroeder!

when we are laying in bed, 
we crave something in particular that we don't have in the pantry.
we head over to the gas station.
and spend a few minutes deciding what candy to get. 
we also pick up the weekly addition of 
'busted paper.' 
i kind of think it's mean. 
advertising people's mistakes all over the media.
but we like to see if we know anyone. 

if someone looks like they are around our age, 
mr. schroeder says, 
"do you know connie lang? 
do you know peter lambson?

we draw mustaches on some of the mug shots.
and chuckle just like 2-3 times. 

and then we fall asleep.

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