the drive thru difference

i just deleted a blog post i spent a lot of time on.
but i got an idea out of it.
an idea that i really want to get out there.
a pay it forward campaign.
that was what my previous blog was called.
i have had a rough past couple of days.
so i thought of serving people. because that always helps.

turkey dinners & family gatherings

i had a fabulous weekend.  i got to meet my 1 month old nephew. his name is bentley. and he is the cutest thing in the world. he makes me baby hungry. refrain. refrain.

thanksgiving was awesome. we all got together and had a grand ol' time.  minus my brother and nephew. we definitely missed the…

11 free money sites

i love free money and credits. who doesn't? especially this time of year, when extra money  can definitely be needed to buy a special gift for someone you love.
i have come across 11 sites that give you  money or credits just to join.  that's all you have to do!

1. sneakpeeq.  i adore this…

50 stocking stuffer ideas

sometimes, i think this sharing money thing is silly. clearly, my husband is the bread winner.  and we have a joint bank account. i go buy him presents..because i don't make enough. with his money. so technically, he is paying for his own gifts. ha. he always says,  "my money is your mone…

love stories

if you know me very well, you will know that i love love.  i love the way a couple in love looks at each other. 9 months later, i still look at my wedding pictures daily.  i watch wedding videos all the time.  it's the spark in relationships.  it is beautiful. and in my eyes, it is miraculous. …

oh didn't you know? i am a celebrity now.

mr. schroeder had a job in idaho falls this weekend.
i didn't go with him because i had to participate in good things utah.
i am not a TV person.
and i am definitely not a model.
but i am a firm believer that the camera adds 10 pounds.

that was embarrassing. but also extremely fun! i had a…

do you know dan richardson? no. do you know megan larsen? no. what about yu chang? i like his name. yu chang. that would be neat.

night times are the best times.  i get to see mr. schroeder!

sometimes, when we are laying in bed,  we crave something in particular that we don't have in the pantry. we head over to the gas station. and spend a few minutes deciding what candy to get.  we also pick up the weekly addition of  &…

you can call me a morph

i am speechless after looking at the photos  of mr. schroeder and i on halloween night.
so i will leave you with..the photos. 

i  hope your guys' halloween was fabulous.

a trial and a burden

at this exact moment.. i am feeling blessed.
i have lived a remarkable life.  a few struggles, but nothing real major. i have never experienced the loss of a parent or sibling. but i have lost a few friends. thus far,  i have felt my life is a good one.

do you ever hear a talk, story, or speech
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